The losses line up on Legacy this December


Heart-ache, renewed romances and ill health take centre stage on Legacy this December on DStv.

The losses line up on Legacy this December

Terence Bridgett takes centre stage at the start of December on Legacy when he arrives in Jozi’s leafy suburbs as Dr Ramon – Uncle Gordon’s (Neil McCarthy) lover from a past life. But while Gordon is overjoyed to rekindle things, his protective ex-sister-in-law, Angelique (Michelle Botes), is going to have a lot to say. And that’s just the tip of the flashy fanfare and drama filling the telenovela’s screens this December…

Newly rekindled lovers Msizi (Siyabonga Thwala) and Dineo (Kgomotso Christopher) won’t just be battling Msizi’s disgruntled missus, Thandi (Lerato Zah), in a nasty divorce case, they’ll also have to tackle their tantrum-throwing offspring who’re not onboard with the romance, either.

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Look what the cat dragged in…

Uncle Gordon’s love life has always been a secret. Nothing’s been concrete until now, when Ramon waltzes back into his life. “They were lovers in the past, a long time ago,” says Terence of his character.

A lot has happened since then – Ramon married a woman, had two children and he’s now a grandfather. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t still love Gordon. “He’s back in a combination of love and circumstance. Not everyone will understand the decisions that he made during his life, but they will see his integrity. He’s hoping for forgiveness, companionship, healing and resolution (with Gordon).”

And while Gordon is smitten with his returned lover, his ex-sister-in-law Angelique knows a leopard when she sees one… and Ramon’s spots most certainly haven’t changed. “Their (Ramon and Angelique) relationship is prickly, toxic, uncomfortable and volatile. Angelique was there when Ramon left Gordon without a word. She was instrumental in putting the mess that was Gordon back together again.

She has not – and may never – forgive Ramon,” says Terence, whose character isn’t being entirely upfront with Gordon about his return. “Expect a lot of joy… and a lot of pain on this journey.”

D for Divorce & Drama

Msizi’s return at the end of November stunned Dineo, but she’s made it clear: She refuses to enter into a relationship with Msizi if he is still married. It’s all or nothing this time.

But Msizi’s wife Thandi Zulu isn’t going to make this easy on the couple. She’s going to be ruthless with her divorce demands. After all, she told Dineo first time round that she will not tolerate anyone interfering with the flashy, fancy cash-filled luxury life she’s accustomed to. So, when she does agree to letting Msizi go, he’s going to have to comply with some very, very big demands.

In fact, Thandi’s demands in their divorce agreement are so substantial that materialistic Msizi will strongly be considering ditching Dineo to keep his horde of assets. Now what will unlucky-in-love Dineo think about that if she ever finds out?

Terrifying Thandi isn’t Dineo and Msizi’s only trouble patch – their kids aren’t exactly happy with the union, either. Sefako (Zenzo Ngqobe) and Sebastian Price Jr (Anton David Jeftha) don’t approve of Msizi dating their mom, while Sims (Lunga Shabalala) wants Dineo to stay his boss at Legacy and nothing more. The trio aren’t just going to be passing snide comments under breath – as December progresses, their outright disdain will grow to the point where Dineo and Msizi will have to remind them who’s the parent and who’s the child.

Also on Legacy this December…

  • Willem and Charmaine’s blessing bubble bursts
  • Christmas party crisis for Dineo and Msizi
  • Elizabeth lashing out at her mom, Angelique
  • Sims and Lexi’s romance hits a roadblock
  • Stefan becomes a shoulder to cry on despite his own history of horrifically torrid relationships

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