Legacy: The farewell

Local 12 September 2022

Take a walk down Legacy lane before the glamorous telenovela bows out on Thursday, 15 September.

Legacy: The farewell

M-Net (DStv Channel 101) telenovela Legacy gets pushed off a cliff and buried under an ornamental fountain on Thursday 15 September 2022. While it will be gone from our screens, those “good, bad and outright oh-no-they-didn’t” moments will live on in our memories for years. What is the show’s big Legacy?

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A Legacy of love

We meet again

After falling from the Legacy Investments building and being put in a medically induced coma, Felicity Price (Mary-anne Barlow) “dreams” about speaking to her deceased dad in the afterlife. Notwithstanding the fact that Felicity killed him, it’s a sweet almost Black Panther (the Marvel movie)-like moment when Sebastian Price (Deon Lotz) and Felicity connect and there’s this beautiful connection between the estranged father and daughter that makes you think Felicity will find her peace and be able to rest at last.

See that final goodbye at the start of Season 2, episode 3 on Showmax.

I Just Want Gordon

Shame, Sanele (Caddy Tsotetsi) has been looking for love for a while. It’s a huge change from his brash no-commitment version when the show first started. Who is the object of his desire? None other than his boss, Gordon Price (Neil McCarthy). But you can’t just chat up Management and expect love. Instead, the pair connect on a dating app called Crusher and it’s so cute watching Sanele get a DM from Gordon asking to get to know him better…

Shared grief is shared love

Losing anyone in your life is tough. It’s even harder when there’s mystery or unresolved issues surrounding their death. Like with Sebastian Price, who mysteriously vanished (his daughter actually killed him) and no remains were found. So, it’s not difficult to understand why his wife Dineo (Kgomotso Christopher) and their son Sebastian Jr (Anton David Jeftha) struggled so much with losing him and not knowing what happened. Their shared moment of bonding pulls on the heartstrings hard.

A Legacy of death!

You Owe Me

Gordon’s love life and past have been hidden from viewers and we didn’t really get the chance to explore them. When his ex-lover Ramon (Terrence Bridget) returned, it was refreshing to get a peek at Gordon the softie rather than the boardroom bully. Except Ramon’s return was to break bad news: He’s dying. Haai shem.

Goodbye, my “love”

How vicious is Felicity? She planted a bomb in her abusive husband James’s (Robert Hobbs) car, blew him to smithereens and then, cool as a cucumber, she helped their son, Charlie (AJ Cullinan), to plant a tribute to the man she murdered… without her son realising that he’s in the company of the Black Widow herself.

Bye bye Mikey

Angelique Price (Michelle Botes) may be a cruel, vicious monster of a businesswoman, ex-wife and mother, but that doesn’t mean she deserved to be targeted, stalked, harassed and beaten by her long-time friend Mikey (Russel Savadier). But this is Angelique we’re talking about, and she has more lives than a litter of kittens – and she gets the one-up on her attacker. Rest in pieces, Mikey.

A Legacy of evil

The Truth Comes Out

James was a monster before Felicity got rid of him. Besides the emotional abuse, he beat her and assaulted her. There was worse though, he went so low as to drug her with truth serum that he’d brought from a crony. And it worked. James managed to find out Felicity’s deepest, darkest secret: She’s a killer!

Father & Daughter Time

Remember Father & Daughter Time above? Well, when the show first started, it was a whole lot more violent between Sebastian and Felicity. They were out on the Price farm, looking over all that Sebastian had bought with his billions as he told Felicity about his plans to step down and make her captain of his ship. But then Sebastian lashed out and attacked his daughter. Did he expect her to stay calm and bite her lip? Absolutely! But she ended up killing him by pushing dear old dad off the side of a cliff, kickstarting this entire storyline…

And the winner is…

Remember how no one could find Sebastian Price’s body? No remains, no trace of him, not even a final WhatsApp message? Nothing. It’s like he was buried in plain sight and no one was any the wiser… except for Felicity and her on-off lover, Stefan (Sean Marco Voster), who’d buried Sebastian in the most obvious place of all: under his beloved rose garden at home. If that’s not the coldest thing you’ve seen, we don’t know what is!

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