Covered tracks and muddied waters in Legacy

Local 26 October 2021

Marco gets closer to the truth; Angelique decides Robbie’s place in The Price family, and a familiar face returns to Legacy at the end of October on DStv

Covered tracks and muddied waters in Legacy

The truth is getting twisty again in local telenovela Legacy!

Darren’s (Gustav Gerdener) body has been fished out of the lake where it was disposed of by the women who killed him, Dineo (Kgomotso Christopher) and Felicity (Mary-anne Barlow) Price - but Detective Marco (Nico Panagio) investigation into Darren’s death is leading him closer and closer to the murderers!

So, what do you do to throw suspicion off yourself? Well, you cover your tracks and if all else fails - you need a scapegoat! And that’s exactly the realisation that Felicity and Dineo come to at the end of October.

Meanwhile, DNA results are under the spotlight as Elizabeth Price (Reandi Grey) reaches out to Robbie (André Lotter) to find out whether he is her half-brother or not. But Angelique (Michelle Botes) is going to make sure that there are no simple answers.

Don’t miss all of the underhanded action on Thursday, 28 October, which lays the groundwork for more skulduggery to come this November.

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Detective Marco is getting closer. . .

There is no denying the situation Felicity has gotten herself into is messy. She has fallen head over heels in love with Detective Marco, the half-brother of her victim, the late and unlamented Darren. Felicity killed Darren with Dineo’s help because he was blackmailing them. And now look who is investigating Darren’s murder! Felicity must try to stay ahead of Marco before he discovers the truth: that his lover and her stepmom murdered his half-brother. Yikes!

In the last week of October, Felicity stays close to Marco as he grieves for Darren. She even helps him to plan the funeral! She must keep her pose with Marco even as she tells Dineo, “Marco thinks he is burying a saint. Part of me wishes I can just tell him exactly who he (Darren) was: this money grabbing little blackmailer who was trying to kill us.”

It’s a hard life to balance the responsibilities of the woman who loves Marco, and the one who killed his brother. And look out, Felicity, because there’s a witness! Marco is going to be having a friendly chat with a cop who saw something – and someone – the night of Darren’s disappearance.

And the DNA results are in!

Robbie And Elizabeth
Robbie is impressed with Elizabeth and would like her to be his sister. 

Robbie was down in the dumps because he thought he had lost to fight to claim his birth right and to become a legitimate Price, but sis Elizabeth reaches out to him at the end of October and convinces him to take a DNA test to finally get some solid proof.

Elizabeth is quite keen on Robbie being part of the family, which she tells him in the last week of October. “Honestly I would love to have another brother,” she says. But mummy dearest Angelique Price does not share her feelings. And when November strolls along, the DNA results are in….

Angelique won’t get things all just on her own terms, though. Denise (Fiona Ramsay) – Robbie’s mum Janet’s (Kate Normington) sister and therefore Robbie’s aunt – will be in town a while and she is also going to get on the wrong side of Angelique when she drops a major truth bomb.

November’s sizzling storylines

  • Uncle Gordon (Neil McCarthy) not only suspects foul play when it comes toRobbie and Elizabeth’s DNA results, he also receives an unexpected visit from someone from his past and rekindling old love might just be on the cards for him.
  • Lexi (Jay Anstey) comes clean to Sims (Lunga Shabalala) about her feelings andfireworks light up the air.
  • Willem (David Minnaar) has his hands full when he comes across a big amount of money and doesn’tknow what to do with it.
  • AndCEO Dineo struggles to keep her feelings to herself when a familiar face returns to Legacy. Can things work this time around or will another scandal threaten to take everything away from the Price family?

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