In memes: Living the Legacy

Local 30 November 2020

Keen on live tweeting while watching Legacy? DStv’s new Amameme platform is filled with gifs to spruce up your tweets.

Flashy, fancy, big-bucks business telenovela Legacy (Mon-Thu on M-Net, DStv 101 at 19:30) has had viewers conspiring ever since it debuted in September this year. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you are missing out! There’s fighting, betrayals, diva drama, lies, backstabbing, corporate espionage, secrets, bodies shoved over cliffs and more! It’s everything you want in a drama series as the devious Price family battle it out over billions!

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Now with DStv’s Amameme platform, Legacy isn’t just taking over your primetime viewing, you can throw in your favourite memes and gifs to fancify your posts.

Here’s why you’ll love Legacy even more after seeing its Amamemes – because finding that perfect meme is not Priceless…

Madam in charge

Yoh yoh! Angelique (Michelle Botes) might not be Price Wife #1 anymore, but she’s in the middle of the drama now that her billionaire CEO ex-hubby Sebastian (Deon Lotz) is missing. When she’s not attacking her replacement, Sebastian’s second wife, Dineo (Kgomotso Christopher) for taking her place, ex-lawyer Angelique is pushing for her first-born, Felicity (Mary-Anne Barlow), to take over as CEO of Legacy Investments. Angelique is as dangerous as a leopard stalking its prey in the dead of night, so be wary if she smiles at you… those teeth are about to bite. Meanwhile, back off peasants. Angelique is too busy and important for any further questions.

Item 624 Legacy 75754

Wife strife

Dineo looks like the trophy wife until you get to know her. She’s as intelligent and business-savvy on the inside as she is beautiful on the outside. But it’s the outside that is the problem because no one takes her seriously. Cue enough “let the grown-ups talk” chirps to make Dinny roll her eyes to the back of her head…

Item 716 Legacy 54 15272

My life is over

When you need to talk about that moment when you thought everything was okay and you were getting cocky, but life gave you a big slap in the face. Well, we all saw Sefako (Zenzo Ngqobe) walk right into this beatdown from his grandmother, Kedibone (Clementine Mosimane). #Sagowi, cos we’re not okay right now, we’re going through it.

Item 642 Legacy 37 16240
Item 695 Legacy 48 34702

Oh hunny please!

Sanele (Caddy Tsotetsi) is more than just Petra’s (Trix Vivier's) bestie at Legacy. He’s the super meme-worthy, best-dressed delight you never knew you wanted as an office BFF. And he’s not afraid to call you out when things don’t sound right…

Item 643 Legacy 38 33104

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