Legacy’s August drama

Local 03 August 2021

The Prices & Potgieters face hostile takeovers in Legacy in August on DStv

Legacy’s August drama

There’s drama aplenty for M-Net (DStv channel 101) telenovela Legacy during August.

Whether it’s the Potgieters dealing with pregnancies, meddling mom-in-laws and annoying exes, or it’s the Price clan, who’ve got their backs to the wall as they’re attacked by an enemy from within their own ranks.

Who will sink, who will swim, and most importantly, who will end up with control of Legacy Investments, is anyone’s guess.

All we know is that things are about to get messy…

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Petra’s problems

July built up a huge storyline for Petra Potgieter (Trix Vivier) by seeing her getting engaged to her boyfriend, Jonno (Richard Gau), and then having an affair with her ex, SJ Price (Anton David Jeftha). That hasn’t just resulted in Petra being conflicted about who’s the best choice for her during August, there’s also that little bump on her belly…

August is going to add some more fuel to Petra’s relationship situation when Jonno’s mom, Dimitra (Camilla Waldman), returns and the women try to bond. Dimitra is overbearing and that stresses Petra, but it’s all in good spirits and Petra sees the brighter side of things… for a while.


Price family fall-outs

Forget out of the frying pan and into the fire, August is a raging inferno for the Price family and it’s all because of dodgy James (Robert Hobbs).

He starts the month drugging his wife, Felicity Price (Mary-anne Barlow), and using a truth serum to get her to reveal her darkest secrets: That she murdered her business tycoon dad, Sebastian Price (Deon Lotz) and buried him in his favourite rose garden (back at the start of the series). But James isn’t satisfied with just that information – he seizes control of Legacy Investments and rules the business with an iron grip… and without the rest of the Prices.

James isolates Felicity more throughout the month and even when she does realise what’s going on, it may be too late to stop her snivelling snake of a spouse.

Felicity’s stepmom and former Legacy CEO, Dineo (Kgomotso Christopher), flexes her muscles throughout the month while she tries to rescue Felicity as well as to save Legacy from the NPA investigation that kicked off at the end of July. It’s all the more intense because Dineo (and the Legacy employees) are facing off against their former colleague and board member, Nirvana (Leeanda Reddy).

There’s going to be a surprise revelation later in the month, though, with this storyline – and suddenly everything will make sense.

Legacy Felicity James

Best of the rest

Charmaine (Odelle DeWet) and her boyfriend, Willem (Dawid Minnaar), are still having a tough time dealing with her abusive ex, Damon (William Harding), who is continuing his blackmail scheme. But while Willem wants to defend Charmaine and protect her from her past, Damon has other ideas and pushes Charmaine into a corner that’s going to cost her – literally and figuratively.

Where does Charmaine get the money to silence Damon and does Willem know? That’s a whole other story…

It’s all coming up this August on Legacy.

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