Legacy celebrates episode #100 with more shenanigans

Local 23 March 2021

A hit list longer than your arm of love, loss, backstabbing and murder makes telenovela Legacy one of DStv’s best local productions

Legacy celebrates episode #100 with more shenanigans

Missed out on the Price family problems since September last year in M-Net’s (DStv channel 101) flashy, family-centric business telenovela Legacy? Fear not – besides being able to stream recent episodes on Catch Up and all the way from episode 1 on Showmax, you can also take a peek (or a reminder if you’ve been a fan since day #1) as the show celebrates 100 episodes of family betrayals, business backstabbing and romance ructions.

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Keeping it 100…

Father-daughter disaster

Sebastian Price (Deon Lotz) is a ruthless genius businessman. And that’s why he opted not to let his daughter, Felicity (Mary-Anne Barlow), take over Legacy Investments as CEO in his place. But shame, daddy dearest didn’t expect what his protégé daughter did next in her rage…

Feeling lucky?

Felicity is a lot of things. But a stone-cold killer? She betrayed her dad in the worst way in Episode 1… but pointing a gun at her business rival Msizi (Siyabonga Thwala) is a whole different story. And he knows it, confidently calling her bluff while staring down the barrel of a gun.

Phone a friend

Derek Watts is used to Sunday evenings on screen, tackling troublemakers in actuality news show Carte Blanche. So he knows how to deal with drama – like Angelique (Michelle Botes) revealing who she thinks murdered her beloved ex-husband, Sebastian Price. It’s so cool seeing Derek play a fictional version of himself, even if Angelique is making it all about herself.

A wounded wife

As Sebastian’s second wife, Dineo (Kgomotso Christopher) has not always had it easy in the Price family. Despite being a strong, motivated woman of power, Dineo still misses Sebastian and is battling emotionally without him by her side. If anything though, that makes her more dangerous, and the enemies lining up at the gates should be wary…

Mr. McDreamy

Mom’s approval of a boyfriend is one thing, but Angelique is an entirely different momster. So shame, Elizabeth (Reandi Grey) is probably too shocked by her mother’s joy at her being in love with a rich, caring, kind (did we say rich?) guy like Anthony (Craig Hawks) to realise that it’s because Angelique has an agenda. Still, it’s nice seeing Liz get her shot at this stunning romance. Which takes us to the next highlight…

Unsurprisingly stale

Here’s the difficult Angelique the Prices know and despise – during a cake-tasting with wedding planner superstar Precious, nothing is right for the queen momzilla from hell. The cakes are all stale. The icing is too sweet. The flowers are the wrong colour. Wrong, wrong, wrong… and that pushes Angelique to do the unthinkable.

Bad Girl gone worse

Felicity has done some horrible things to her chauffeur-turned-lover, Stefan (Sean-Marco Voster). But this was the lowest – skipping dinner with him to spend the night with her ex-hubby James, who is out-and-out trash.

Just being James

There’s a reason that Felicity divorced James (Robert Hobbs) all those years ago – he’s proved to be vicious and manipulative. Every word out of his mouth at the moment is a fib, and part of his plan is to get back into the Price fold… and steal from them.

Mr Sweet-Talker

Lunga Tshabalala’s character, Sims Zulu, is the new kid in the nepotism tower that is Legacy Investments. And while we can tell off the bat that he’s clueless in his role, his "friends”, Petra (Trix Vivier) and Sanele (Caddy Tsotetsi), are oblivious to his ineptitude thanks to his charm – and the fact that he’s easy on the eye.

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