Getroud Met Rugby scores big this November


Renate & Simon in court and Jordan & Bibi at the altar this November in Getroud Met Rugby S6.

Getroud Met Rugby scores big this November

The Stryders rugby players aren’t just in the thick of the scrum on the field. There’s more than enough off-field drama to keep them on the ball in Afrikaans soapie Getroud Met Rugby S6 on kykNET (DStv channel 144).

As November begins there’s big trouble in the Greeff household. Simon (David Louw) just can’t cope with his partner Renate’s (Christel van den Bergh) mood swings and obsessions with keeping the house germ-free for their baby, Regardt (Daniel Louw). Misunderstood and unsupported, Renate eventually has a complete breakdown.

On the brighter side, assistant coach Jordan (Theodore Jantjies) and his fiancée Bibi (Stephanie Petersen) are planning their wedding party. And the two feisty competitive PRs, Amanda (Natasja Jacobs) and Kristien (Marlee van der Merwe), are quick to pounce when a new handsome assistant coach, Henk (Quentin Krog), joins the Stryders.

It wouldn’t be the Stryders without a pinch of scandal. Amanda also tries to get Kristien out of her job and leaks important information about the Stryders to the news site SinBin. Will this end in another heated argument? We will see!

And don’t think that Amanda and Kristien are the only two at loggerheads – players Buks (Adriaan Marais) and Blitz (Werner Coetser) strut their stuff and bulge their muscles to win the “Sexyste Man” (Sexiest Man) Competition.

Read on for the juicy details...

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Love on the rocks 

The writing has been on the wall for Renate and Simon’s relationship. Renate gets more irrational every day and she drives Simon up the wall. “Simon thinks Renate just tries to be difficult and he doesn’t want to accept that she suffers from postpartum depression. Her condition just worsens day by day, and she gets more and more obsessive,” says David.

When Renate has a complete breakdown and lands in hospital, Simon informs her that he is going to keep their baby away from her. But Renate comes with her own trump card, and she forbids Simon from seeing his son. Renate sues Simon and the whole drama ends in an emotional and bitter court case while they fight over the custody of their child. Renate also blames Simon for setting people up to testify against her. (hello, somebody get this couple a therapist!)

Now who will get custody of Regardt, and could Renate’s emotional state eventually count against her?

More battles for Kristien and Amanda 

The villainous Bart (Pierre Breytenbach) might be safely behind bars after evidence showed that he was behind Jana’s (Juanita de Villiers Velts) kidnapping, but that doesn’t mean that his ex-girlfriend Amanda has cooled down. Amanda has her sights set on the new assistant coach Henk, but Kristien also feels a strong connection with the newcomer. While the two women try hard to catch Henk’s eye, he is totally unaware of the admiration and the competition behind his back.

Kristien gets her job back as head of the public relations department after Jana puts in a good word for her, but Amanda is not chuffed at all about the new developments in the office. Amanda will do anything to get that job, and she confides in her new confidant, Matt (Sean Brebnor), who used to be Bart’s informant. Matt encourages Amanda to set her plan in motion to put Kristien in a bad light.

That’s exactly what Amanda does when she leaks confidential information about the Stryders’ contracts and sponsorships to the news web SinBin, and the CEO of the Stryders, Schalk (Johan Scholtz), is furious when he reads the article. He calls Kristien into his office and blames her as head of Public Relations for not keeping the information confidential, and urges her to rectify things. Kristien contacts Pine (Gerald Steyn), the editor of SinBin, to find out who leaked the information, and he gives her the anonymous email with the info which was sent to him. Kristien is on the warpath and confronts her colleagues Lienkie (Mandi du Plooy-Baard) and Amanda about the email, and Lienkie eventually figures out who the culprit is. Will Amanda ever make peace with Kristien or is she going to make life even harder for her?

Gloves on!

Getroud Met Rugby Buks Blitz1.JPG

Buks might be an iron man when he is in the gym or on the rugby field, but he can hardly stand his ground and is softhearted when his wife Nesie (Melissa Massyn) wants her way. Kristien originally organised The Sexiest Man Competition but it was cancelled after Buks and Blitz broke the rules. When Buks and Blitz decided to go ahead anyway, the battle between their two wives became fiercer than between the guys.

Now Nesie has to fight another battle on her own: Buks suffers from a sleeping disorder and gets terrible nightmares. And to defend herself in bed, she gets a pair of boxing gloves for when the nightmares get out of hand. But that can only spell trouble.

Wedding bells 

Getroud Met Rugby Jordan Bibi1.JPG

After all their ups and downs, Jordan and Bibi are finally headed for the altar. It is a happy day, and all their friends and colleagues share in their joy during the wedding party. Which couple is now next on the list to have a fairytale ending to their relationship? It may not be Ivy (Tiné Minderon) and Ronnie (Donovan Pietersen). They are very much head-over-heels in love, but the young pair encounters a challenge that might ruin their relationship.

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