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Falling into the deep end on DiepCity this December

Local 07 December 2021

Bonga is arrested again and Asanda battles a gambling addiction this December on DiepCity.

Falling into the deep end on DiepCity this December

The Jeles and their Diepsloot Township neighbours can’t catch a break on Mzansi Magic’s (DStv channel 161) telenovela DiepCity. They’ve been stuck in a cycle of adversity throughout the year, and this December it’s as if a dark cloud is hanging over the community.

Bonga Jele (Hamilton Dlamini) was released from prison in late November following a wrongful arrest, but he finds himself behind bars yet again this December when he is framed for another crime.

Asanda (Zikhona Bali) is also arrested in December and unlike Bonga, this mamfundisi is guilty. Seeing that she’s the First Lady of a church, she hides the incident from her pastor husband, Charleston (Chrispen Nyathi), and their congregation. But it’s only a matter of time until Charleston discovers the truth about his wife’s illegal dealings, leading to major cracks in their marriage…

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Justice for Bonga 

Since Bonga’s first arrest, there have been continuous arguments in the Jele home. His daughters, Lungile (Luyanda Shezi) and Nox (Nozuko Ncayiyane), are frustrated that their father is serving time for a murder he didn’t commit. The situation between the sisters worsens when Nox fails to provide money for Bonga’s bail.

In a turn of events, Nox’s friends – Asanda, Sne (Nompumelelo Vilakazi) and Lerato (Kgaogelo Monama), as well as shebeen queen Maureen (Vele Manenje) – donate money towards Bonga’s bail, and he is eventually released. Bonga’s loved ones throw a party to welcome him home, but their excitement is short-lived when he is arrested once more following an unfortunate event at work, and this time around, Nox can’t help her dad.

As it’s revealed, Bonga’s rival and boss, Wandile Shezi (Carlo Radebe), is behind Bonga’s downfall. Shezi wants Bonga to take the fall for a murder that he committed. However, nothing remains a secret for long in Diepsloot as Nox discovers Shezi’s scheming, and she sets out to rescue her father.

Mary’s den of temptation

While on a mission to prove that she’s better at gambling than her friend, Themba (Nkululeko Mashinini), Mary (Moshine Mametja) opens a makeshift casino at her house this month. She invites the church ladies for a game of cards and before they know it, they are addicted to gambling, some worse than others. Asanda even steals church money to feed her new habit.

Before she started gambling, Asanda lived a simple life: she catered to her husband Charleston’s every need. She did everything by the Bible, and she followed the 10 Commandments through and through. But once she starts gambling, she lies about her whereabouts, and she can’t stop herself from stealing money from the church offering.

It’s not long until Sne realises that her friend, Asanda, needs help. Sne orders Asanda to quit gambling and replace the church money or else she’ll tell Charleston the truth about Asanda’s habit. Asanda attends 1 last gambling game, but things don’t go as she expects and she’s arrested. While she calls in a favour from an old pal to help her get released, Charleston discovers that she was in jail and their marriage begins to crumble. 1 sin and Charleston no longer trusts his wife.

Lungile goes off the edge

With all the commotion at the Jele home, teen Lungile starts on a downward spiral. She doesn’t follow Nox’s rules, and she is in a pit of despair. Later in the month, Lungile pulls a disappearing act, leaving Nox and their neighbours worried. While Lungile returns home at night, one thing is certain: She needs help or else she’ll continue to spiral…

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