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Family troubles & marital woes in DiepCity this November

Local 09 November 2021

Thandiwe’s past threatens her mother-daughter bond with Nox, and Malume Jantshi takes Mgedeza and his family for a ride this November in DiepCity.

Family troubles & marital woes in DiepCity this November

They say you don’t choose your family but if there’s one thing that the characters in telenovela DiepCity prove this November, is that you can certainly cut ties with relatives that get under your skin – from an opportunist uncle who exploits his family’s generosity, to a man who yearns to reunite with the daughter he abandoned 20 years ago.

Now things are shaking up for Nox (Nozuko Ncayiyane) and her friend Lerato’s (Kgaogelo Monama) families this month…

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Facing the music 

Things haven’t been the same at the Gedeza home since gangster Mgedeza’s (Mduduzi Mabaso) uncle Malume Jantshi (Bheki Sibiya) arrived unexpectedly in late- October. To describe Jantshi as a nuisance would be an understatement. If he isn’t talking down to Mgedeza and his wife Maureen (Vele Manenje), Jantshi takes full advantage of the couple’s kindness, which continues this November.

As the month unfolds, we find out that Jantshi is scheming to make a quick buck from the couple. And that begins when he asks Mgedeza’s niece Lerato (Kgaogelo Monama) to help him revive his alleged music career. Jantshi blatantly lies to Lerato, and he tells her that he was a big-time performer in the ‘80s but his music dreams were crushed following a tragic experience. The falsehoods don’t end there as Jantshi begs Lerato to organise a “Comeback Concert” for him at Maureen’s tavern, and she’s more than eager to lend a hand.

Meanwhile, Jantshi is looking to steal the money that Lerato will make from ticket sales, flee town, and never see his family again. However, Jantshi’s tricks backfire, and he is caught out. Days before the event, Mgedeza discovers the malicious plot, and Jantshi answers for his lies…

Diepcity Thandiwe And Nox

Saving the Wrong Turns

Diepsloot’s resident pastor, Charleston (Chrispen Nyathi), has one mission at hand when November begins: to save as many souls in the community as he can. To reach his goal, Charleston orders his wife Asanda (Zikhona Bali) to invite her childhood friends and former gang members Nox (Nozuko Ncayiyane), Lerato, and Sne (Nompumelelo Vilakazi) – who call themselves Wrong Turns – to their church...but they respectfully decline.

In fairness, the Wrong Turns aren’t the type to sit through a two-hour Sunday service – as Nox once mentioned, it’s just not their brand. With Asanda’s friends refusing to attend church, her marriage takes a strain as Charleston thinks that she isn’t taking her First Lady duties seriously. Asanda begins to crumble and the only way in which she can resolve her marital issues is to have a conversation with Charleston.

Diepcity Asanda

The daunting past 

Devious uncles and rocky marriages aren’t the only storylines to expect this November in DiepCity as Thandiwe’s (Dawn Thandeka King) past returns to haunt her. She has a strange encounter with a mystery man, who is soon revealed as Thandiwe’s first love and her daughter Nox’s biological father!

Never in a million years did Thandiwe expect to reunite with him as he abandoned her when she was still pregnant with Nox 20 years ago. Thandiwe even told Nox that her biological father is dead. Now that the man is in town, Thandiwe is forced to confront emotions that she thought that she’d long buried. What’s more is that Nox and Thandiwe were on the road to mending their tumultuous mother-daughter bond. How will Nox’s biological father’s arrival in Diepsloot impact the progress that the two women have made?

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