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Anger & grief around Diepsloot in DiepCity this October

Local 12 October 2021

Thandiwe accuses Nox of killing her son, and Maureen and Khelina have a shebeen showdown in DiepCity on Mzansi Magic this October

Anger & grief around Diepsloot in DiepCity this October

Grief can feel like a never-ending cycle of pain, sorrow and confusion. Whether it’s notorious gangster Mgedeza (Mduduzi Mabaso) seething with anger and seeking vengeance following his nephew Khumo’s (Lungile Radebe) murder, or the deceased teen’s girlfriend, Lungile (Luyanda Shezi), drowning in a bout of depression without her first love, the characters of telenovela DiepCity are in agony this October.

What’s worse is that Khumo’s death unearths unresolved issues between ex-convict-turned-car mechanic Nox Jele (Nozuko Ncayiyane) and her mother, Thandiwe (Dawn Thandeka King), which results in a squabble between the two women.

Brace yourself: There’s drama galore in Diepsloot…

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Settling the score

There’s nothing that Mgedeza would like more than to kill his ex-mistress, Zola (Sonia Mbele), with his bare hands when the month begins. September set up an intriguing storyline for the gangster as while his affair with Zola came to an end, an unfortunate incident followed. After coming to his senses, Mgedeza dumped Zola to focus on his marriage, but Zola retaliated. She hired a hitman to kill Mgedeza for leaving her high and dry, but the assassin accidentally killed Khumo, prompting Zola to skip town and go into hiding.

October sees Mgedeza and his family coming to terms with Khumo’s death. They arrange a mourning ritual, and they begin the healing process.

Fighting an uphill battle

October also marks an important event in the Jele household: It’s Nox’s late-brother Sibusiso’s (Tshiamo Molobi) birthday month. While Nox and her sister, Lungile, recall pleasant memories about their brother, their mom Thandiwe’s emotions on the other hand are all over the place.

It’s been five years since Sibusiso’s death and Thandiwe still resents Nox for the death. In a fit of rage, Thandiwe yells at Nox and accuses her of “killing” Tshiamo. As the story goes, Nox and her all-female gang, called The Wrong Turns, carried out a house breaking heist in which Sibusiso had unknowingly accompanied them. Tragedy struck and the boy was killed at the scene. Feeling like an outsider at the Jele home, Nox moves out and vows to never return since her mother despises her.

Taking the bull by the horns

With the Jeles falling apart, Thandiwe’s husband, Bonga (Hamilton Dlamini), attempts to bring Nox and Thandiwe together. At first, both women are reluctant but after some convincing from Lungile and Bonga, Thandiwe agrees to apologise for her unruly actions. She’s open to wiping the slate clean with Nox. To some degree, Thandiwe regrets pushing her daughter away.

That isn’t all for the Jeles as Thandiwe further makes a promise to change for the better. She considers seeking professional help and support for her grief and rage.

The shebeen showdown

There’s also tension brewing this month when shebeen queen Maureen (Vele Manenje) discovers that her neighbour, Khelina (Lebohang Lettie Mpyana), has opened a tavern right under her nose. All hell breaks loose, and Maureen is ready to take her competitor down for stealing her customers. The women’s feud comes to head in October, and they get into a catty brawl. Which drinking spot will come out on top?

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