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Love & War The Queen this October on DStv

Local 13 October 2021

Harriet and Hector fight their feelings & Georgina demands answers this October on Mzansi Magic’s telenovela The Queen

 Love & War The Queen this October on DStv

There’s no shortage of drama and betrayal on SAFTA-winning telenovela The Queen, and it intensifies this October on DStv.

Druglord Harriet Khoza (Connie Ferguson) and her frenemy cop Hector Sebata (Rapulana Seiphemo) are caught in a love-hate secret romance, Brutus (Themba Ndaba) doesn’t trust Harriet as far as he can throw her, and Shaka (SK Khoza) is just trying to stay alive during the ongoing clashes within the Khoza clan. One thing’s for sure: blood will be spilled and you can’t trust anyone on The Queen.

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Family fallout

If there’s one thing the Khoza family hate, it’s cops. Their drug empire and other dirty deals depend on the cops being kept at bay. So it’s kind of surprising that Harriet, one of Joburg’s biggest drug queenpins, is secretly hooking up with the enemy. And he’s one who has the power to utterly demolish the Khoza family if Harriet isn’t careful.

Hector has been causing chaos ever since he moved into the neighbourhood, and with a fairly high-up rank in the police force, he simply needs to say the word and an entire squadron of officers will swoop in on the Khoza empire and haul Harriet and Co off in irons. But at the same time, Hector is hooked on his ladylove and the last thing he’s willing to do (for now) is have Harriet arrested. In fact, he’s more interested in keeping her out of the waiting cell than anything else.

But, as it happens on TV shows, the minute anyone is happily in love, their family start interfering and sticking their nose in that person’s business. It’s double trouble for Harriet because both her son, Shaka, and brother, Brutus, get whiff of her love life and they immediately start prying. While Shaka comes out and asks his mom bluntly, Brutus is more devious and sends a private investigator to do some sniffing. He’s not going to like what he finds, though…

Thequeen S5 Harrietkhoza Primage 07647
Harriet’s hooking up with Hector won’t please her family.

Going for gold

Georgina (Sibusisiwe Jili) meanwhile has her hands full with an investigation of her own. She’s put her troubled situation with Schumacher (Vuyo Ngcukana) aside and she’s fully focussed on the matter at hand. The problem for her, though, is that it means breaking rank and investigating her own bosses, who she believes are breaking the law. And she’s not wrong!

Before Georgina can get to the bottom of things, she needs to calm down – having a hot head and not thinking straight could lead to her overlooking critical information and evidence as she continues investigating the Khoza family, their businesses and their connections to high-ranking forces within the police force.

Will she get the proof she needs that Hector is in Harriet’s pocket and not only knows she’s a crook but also turns a blind eye to it? People who cross The Queen often end up with their faces on a Missing poster… and Georgina could be next if she’s not careful.

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