Five highlight moments in DJ Zinhle: The Unexpected Season 2

Unexpected decisions

Local 12 September 2022

DJ Zinhle talks about tough choices she made to share five amazing moments in Season 2 of DJ Zinhle: The Unexpected.

Unexpected decisions

Ntombezinhle Jiyane had to make some tough calls behind the scenes of DJ Zinhle: The Unexpected Season 2. With her reality show going out to the world, it was time to take that BeReal challenge. The Unexpected is her show and her life - the best days and the worst ones, and she gets the final say on the edit. However, it wasn’t always easy to let something go and let the public see a moment that was hard for her to watch! You know when you see a cursed photo of yourself and you try to delete it so fast that your brain doesn’t get a really good look? But a thousand times worse.

Read on as Zinhle talks about the five moments this season that made her pause on that delete button. Luckily for us, she’s brave…

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Episode 1: Zinhle confirms she’s married.

“The scene where I confirm my marriage to my husband in diaries. This was a huge step and hard to watch because I wouldn't normally open up like this,” reveals Zinhle.

Episode 2: Are your ears burning? Ours are. Zinhle was furious.

“The scene where my supplier and project manager had left without giving me a handover – I wanted to include this to show viewers that it really does sometimes come down to hard and difficult conversations and or scenarios in business,” says Zinhle.

Episode 5: Zinhle is torn as seven-year-old Kairo becomes more demanding when she sees the attention 11-month-old Asante is getting. But mama’s got to work!

“The scene where I’m saying goodbye to my daughters before I head to work... Again, I wanted to show other mothers that everyone’s circumstances are different yet at the end of the day we all have to do the things we have to in order to take care of those we love. It broke my heart, but In the end, I was going to work for them,” says Zinhle.

Episode 6: Zinhle talks about the people who act as if they own her on social media.

“The scene with my husband where we discussed what was happening on social media. I wanted people to know how things affect us behind the scenes, what merely feels like words to them can sometimes really affect our day-to-day,” explains Zinhle

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Upcoming episode: DJ Zinhle in tears.

“The breakdown scene in Durban. A lot of people think us as entertainers have it easy or that our jobs aren’t considered tough in the normal sense. For me, this scene really showed the culmination of me not listening to my body. I wanted to show this because there are people out there who might want to give up in overwhelming times, I'd hope they can take something from my experience,” says Zinhle.

Now go out there and live your truth fearlessly, Zinhle fans.

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