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Melusi starts sinking on Gomora this October

Local 12 October 2021

Ntokozo isn’t the only problem for Melusi – his two ladies are locked in mortal combat this October on Mzansi Magic’s telenovela Gomora

Melusi starts sinking on Gomora this October

A scandal today is easily forgotten because there’s a new drama waiting around the corner tomorrow – and for upright high school principal Melusi (Zolisa Xaluva), he’s wishing that someone would only wake him when October ends.

Besides knowing now that his wife, Gladys (Thembi Seete), had a hand in his secret son’s death, Melusi is caught between Gladys and his ex. Plus he’s got son strife to deal with when his hot-headed teen goes missing after Melusi makes yet another poor family choice.

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Bad dad 

The last few months have been rough for Melusi. His wife was pregnant and fuming about him reconnecting with his high school girlfriend, Thathi (Katlego Danke). It’s not something Melusi is proud of, but going back to Thathi was inevitable since he was the father of her now-dead son, Langa (Siya Xaba).

Because he’s been between women and houses, Melusi has shirked his duties as a dad to Ntokozo (Ntobeko Sishi) and foster-dad to Teddy (Sicelo Buthelezi), and Gladys takes every chance she gets to point out yet another of his flaws. It’s not that he’s done it intentionally and Melusi is an upstanding man of the community… but Gladys isn’t wrong. It’s her constant badgering of him that’s going to push Melusi this month, possibly into doing something that he’ll regret later… like throwing punches at men who’re a lot more dangerous than he is.

Melusi’s decisions have torn his family apart.

Teen terror

It’s no secret that Ntokozo has fallen from the straight and narrow path his parents, Melusi and Gladys, laid out from him. From episode 1, he’s struggled to find his place as he watched Teddy steal attention that he felt was his. He was the one who killed Thathi’s husband during a hijacking gone wrong. And he’s repeatedly crossed swords with his dad when he’s felt that he’s been treated too harshly and like a baby.

The petulance continues as Ntokozo seeks an outlet for yet more father frustrations, this time Ntokozo can’t stomach what Melusi is doing to Gladys. So he does what any angsty young man does: He seeks the comfort of a woman who’ll make him feel better and listen to his sob story. That just happens to be Mazet (Siphesihle Ndaba), the very person who brought him into the heist gang and gave him a gun in episode 1.

It’s not that they’re bad together – in fact, Mazet has a genuine soft spot for Ntokozo and he really likes her because she treats him without prejudice. It’s just that she’s trouble according to Melusi and he would rather have a furious son at home in his room throwing his toys out the cot than running the streets with a known criminal.

Just wait until Melusi seeks out his AWOL son and walks in on the last thing he wanted to see…

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Mazet gave Ntokozo a gun in episode 1 that sparked his rebellious streak.

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