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Getting down with the Derricos

International 13 April 2022

Karen and Deon Derrico chat about Doubling Down With The Derricos Season 3, possibilities of relocating and how they bond with 14 kids.

Getting down with the Derricos

With 14 kids in the Derrico home, parents Karen and Deon always have a lot on their plate, especially when they’re filming their family reality show Doubling Down With The Derricos Season 3. The Derrico kids include Darian (16), Derrick (11), twins Dallas and Denver (10), quintuplets Deonee, Daician, Daiten, Deniko and Dariz (8), Diez and Dior (4), and triplets Dawsyn, De'Aren and Dyver (2). And between potty training their triplets, helping their eldest to learn how to drive, and having the sex talk with one of their tweens, the couple’s lives are going to get more interesting.

“We navigate through life while raising 14 kids and we teach them incredible lessons, and we also show viewers what it looks like to be faced with challenges – because life is filled with challenges – and what it looks like to face those challenges. At the end of the day, we overcome them,” explains dad Deon.

Apart from the challenges that the family experiences in Doubling Down With The Derricos Season 3, Karen is trying to convince them to relocate to South Carolina to start a family entertainment centre.

Now Karen and Deon chat about how their parenting has evolved over the years and what to expect in Doubling Down With The Derricos Season 3.

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Parenting 101

When Season 3 starts, there’s a possibility that the family might move to South Carolina. What does everyone think about relocating, including the kids?

Karen: “The family is in two minds about relocating. I’m the only one who is ready to move.”

Deon: “Karen is correct. We’re yet to decide. I love the fact that relocating is Karen’s idea to start a business – and I want to support her in that. On the other hand, I don’t want to live In South Carolina permanently, but I'm always intrigued in a good business investment and that’s what this appears to be. So, for those reasons, I’m on board with moving. Plus, I promised Karen in Season 2 – after she had a stroke scare – that I would do anything to make her happy. And if moving makes her happy, I’ll do it. Now we’re tasked with convincing the kids to move.”

Why do you want to leave Las Vegas, Karen?

Karen: “I’ve always wanted to be closer to my family. We’ve had two deaths recently, with my grandmother and my uncle passing, which were sudden. The loss led me to think that maybe I should be closer home, but I also would like to start a business there, too.”

What would you miss most about living in Las Vegas?

Karen: “The all-day sunshine. In Vegas, the sun shines every single day and it’s motivating because when the sun is up, I’m inspired to get out of the bed and enjoy the day.”

Deon: “Apart from Karen’s answer, I would miss the city. Everything in Vegas, for the most part, is 30-45 minutes away – I don’t care which direction you’re headed. I also enjoy seeing the mountains. Las Vegas keeps me grounded and moving to South Carolina would be a bit of an adjustment.”

What are your thoughts on having more kids?

Karen: “Deon and I are very open to what the future holds. The production factory – as we refer to it – hasn’t shut down [Laughs]. We love our big family. If my body continues to be healthy, which I thank God for, and my pregnancies continue to be as great as they have been, we’ll definitely have more kids.”

How has your parenting style changed over the years?

Karen: “We’ve come to realise that parenting isn’t a one-size fits all guide. When you get to know your child’s character and personality, you learn how they react and how they operate. You can sit down and talk to 1 kid and say, “Hey, this is not how you do this” and then with the others, you’ll keep redirecting. Basically, there is no manual that teaches you to be a parent, you just adapt.”

What does a typical day in the Derrico home look like when the cameras are not there?

Karen: “Our day starts quite early. We have a 07:00 wakeup call for the triplets. Then, we get the older kids ready for school. Usually, they are on their computers most of the time for their home-school program, which starts at 09:00. They are done with school at noon and Deon prepares a snack for them because he is the chef of the family. In the afternoon, the kids continue with their schoolwork, and we have our dinner at 17:00, which is when the family catches up and spends time together. Between assisting the kids with their assignments and preparing meals, Deon and I prepare for the next day. Finally, bedtime is between 20:00-20:30, and after the kids sleep, Deon and I have our time to watch a movie or just sit down and collect our thoughts.”

Deon: “More like sit down and watch the nightly news and fall asleep!”

How do you ensure that you spend enough time with each child to create special moments?

Deon: “A lot of times the special moments find themselves. Of course, both Karen and I go to the store, and she’ll take 1 of the kids. I may make a run to check out 1 of our rental properties and I’ll take 1 of the kids too, but a lot of times the kids themselves will come to us and just hug us, when they yearn to be nurtured. We’ve established an environment for the kids to come to us for anything: advice, a conversation, or a kiss on the cheek.”

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