1 man, 2 roles in Suidooster

Local 17 December 2021

Actor Marvin-lee Beukes shares his experience about playing twins on Suidooster on DStv

1 man, 2 roles in Suidooster

“It’s been a big challenge to play identical twins, but also so much fun,” says actor Marvin-lee Beukes, who is currently playing identical twins Donovan and Greg on the kykNET (DStv channel 144) soapie Suidooster.

Donovan, an ambitious estate agent, has his head screwed on right and recently got married to his boss, Bridgette (Denise Newman), whereas Greg is a washout with a drug problem. “They may look like each other but they differ quite a bit,” adds Marvin-lee.

He’s done such a great job of creating the different characters on screen that fans have asked him whether it’s his real life brother on screen with him. But no, Marvin-lee doesn’t have a twin. “It’s a fascinating process, how the filmmakers use tech, camera angles and body doubles to create a scene where Donovan and Greg are both in the same room,” he says.

But seeing double is just the beginning of the shocks coming for fans in Donovan and Greg’s storyline in January 2022, according to Marvin-lee…

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Becoming Donovan and Greg

Greg (left) and Donovan (right) are both played by Marvin-lee in Suidoosters on kykNET (DStv channel 144)
Greg (left) and Donovan (right) are both played by Marvin-lee.

One of the main reasons Marvin-lee signed up for the role was exactly because he got to play twins. “I was lucky to get this dream role and opportunity, I couldn’t let it slip through my fingers. It was challenging in the sense that I had to play two completely different characters who happened to be identical twins,” Marvin-lee says.

“With minimal wardrobe change, behaviour and an accent, I had to become Greg, learn his lines and then in only 15 minutes, change back to Donovan for his scenes. It was hectic. But as an actor and performer, that is what I live for, and I am honoured that the viewers are seeing that every time that they tune into an episode of Suidooster.”

Shocking storyline to come

Suidooster fans have a gripping story ahead of them in January 2022 when Greg gets involved in all sorts of unsavoury things thanks to his friendship with the soap’s biggest antagonist, Nazeem (Irvine van der Merwe).

“I can’t give too much away, but Greg’s drug problem is going to become Donovan’s problem, and then something tragic is going to take place with dire consequences,” hints Marvin-lee. “The end of this storyline is going to devastate viewers, and worst of all, they won’t see it coming.”

Back in Die Byl

Juan and Shani are very much in love in season 4 of Die Byl in Suidooster on kykNET (DStv channel 144).
Juan and Shani are very much in love in season 4 of Die Byl.

Later in January, Marvin-lee will also reprise his role as Captain Juan Stuurman when in kykNET’s popular action series Die Byl Season 4 returns from Sunday, 16 January at 20:00. (Seasons 1-3 are available on Showmax). “

During the previous 2 seasons, Juan suffered greatly at the hand of the serial killer Adriaan Klopper (Laudo Liebenberg). In Season 4, he and his girlfriend, Dr. Shani (Trudy van Rooi), will take their relationship to the next level and Juan will finally be himself again. He’ll catch the bad guys alongside Colonel Piet van der Bijl, aka Byl (Waldemar Schultz),” reveals Marvin-lee.

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For the rest of 2022, Marvin-lee’s other passion will keep him busy: writing. “I have 2 big projects lined-up and I can’t wait to see how things pan out,” says Marvin-lee. But for now we will enjoy the double dose of him we get to see on Suidooster!

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