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Call in the experts with DStv Access this November

Highlights 01 November 2022

Crazy hair? Itchy pets? Haunted nightmares? DStv Access has a doctor on call this November

Call in the experts with DStv Access this November

There’s no problem that DStv Access experts can’t solve this month. Dr Angie, Dr Meena and Dr Isha are the good hair fairies in new medical reality series Bad Hair Day. Veterinary dermatologist, Dr Joya Griffin has the RX for itchy pets on Pop Goes The Vet With, and if you have the perfect house in the worst location, Clarke Gayford will show you how to fix that on Moving Houses.

Could this super-team help the White House staff, please? The insane chaos that the Franklin Presidency has spawned might be beyond help when drama series Tyler Perry’s The Oval Season 4 starts on BET – which is one of the most exciting new addition to the Access package.

There’s so much more to see on DStv Access this November, including BET’s 2022 Soul Train Awards. Scroll down and mark your diaries for more new shows, and for a sneak peek at what’s happening in the other packages…

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November’s expert Access

Oval The Tyler Perrys S04 2022 KV Landscape
Tyler Perry’s The Oval

In the cliff-hanger Season 3 finale, President Franklin told White House Chief Of Staff, Donald, the big secret: First Lady Victoria killed their serial killer son, Jason. President Franklin was unaware that Donald was an accomplice in the murder. Season 4 takes us straight back into the action, with bullets flying. PS: The White House staff had better brace themselves because (yet again) Jason’s death has been faked, and the Franklins are going down. Tyler Perry fans can also catch Sistas, Season 5 from Tuesday, 8 November at 22:00 on BET.

Watch Tyler Perry’s The Oval Season 4 from Wednesday, 23 November at 22:30 on BET (DStv Channel 129).

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My Worst Nightmare

Humans spend six years of our lives in another world – Dreamland. For some people, the world we visit when we sleep is filled with terror, demons and darkness. This eerie docuseries brings real-life people’s nightmares to life on screen in shockingly vivid scenes, as they tell their stories. Meanwhile, paranormal experts like Jack Kenna weigh in on where the darkness is seeping in from. Sometimes, it’s not just a vivid imagination... like when a teenager’s dreams start reflecting the truth about her dodgy new relationship, or a woman has recurring nightmares after moving into her grandparents’ home. Sweet dreams!

Watch My Worst Nightmare Season 1 from Saturday, 19 November at 19:45 on CBS Reality (DStv Channel 132).

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Moving Houses

The three most important things about buying a house are location, location, location! But what if you found your dream home in a dying neighbourhood? Or you love your family home, but your new job is far, far away? Well, just move! This reality series takes us inside the science and engineering required to move a house across the country in New Zealand. Host, Clarke Gayford rides along as charming cottages, historic villas, and sleek designer pads are dug off their foundations, chain-sawed into pieces, and trucked through mountains passes, over rivers and through neighbourhoods until they reach that perfect spot.

Watch Moving Houses Season 1 from Monday, 28 November at 20:00 on The Home Channel (DStv Channel 176).

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Pop Goes The Vet With Dr. Joya

Dr Joya Griffin, veterinary dermatologist, is the Dr Pimple Popper of the animal kingdom. She and her apprentice Dr Jeff treat every patient from bald rats to itchy dogs and spotty hogs. She’ll show us how they tackle it all, including parasites such as ticks and the demodex mites that cause mange, impacted earwax, cyst, lumps and bumps and abscesses. It’s a serious reality check for kids who want to be vets!

Watch Pop Goes The Vet With Dr. Joya Season 1 from Monday, 26 November at 18:00 on National Geographic Wild (DStv Channel 182).

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Bad Hair Day S01 2022 KV Landscape
Bad Hair Day

Dr Angie, Dr Meena and Dr Isha take us inside their office as they treat hair-related medical cases. Meet female patients who have thinning hair but growing beards, and the man who’s grown his hair out so it covers the huge lump on the back of his head. There’s also a patient who lost most of his hair in a fire, and more. In each case, the doctors will listen to patients explain the heart of their problem, they’ll run tests and explain the science behind some devastating conditions that are more common than you’d think, and find a way to give a patient hope so they can walk out with their head held high.

Watch Bad Hair Day Season 1 from Friday, 11 November at 21:00 on TLC (DStv Channel 135).

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