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The latest movie releases in your own home, with DStv Box Office

Highlights 25 April 2022

You have the best seat in the house with brand-new movies on DStv Box Office this April

The latest movie releases in your own home, with DStv Box Office

Movie lovers, you can load up with BoxOffice goodies and stream them directly through the DStv streaming platform, using your DStv Explora or Explora Ultra.

And with the Oscars that took place March this year, those award-winning films are starting to trickle in. This April on Box Office you can see West Side Story, Summer of Soul, Licorice Pizza, and Spencer. There are some highly anticipated movies started including the brand-new Scream film, the new The Forever Purge and Jackass Forever! And even movies releasing at the same time as at the cinema, including the Bruce Willis film Killing Field, and the South African horror fantasy Gaia, directed by Jaco Bouwer.

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There’s already an entire catalogue of recent releases available to stream online, with more titles coming every month.

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The one to watch right now!


Up-and-coming actor Simon Berg (Arno Greeff) is invited to join the cast of world-renowned theatre director Andreas Vog's (Ernst Van Wyk) latest Red Riding Hood reinvention. Taking on the role entails a trip to Andreas’s isolated cabin in the woods where Andreas pushes him to fully realise the masculine roles of the play, from wolf to woodcutter.

On Box Office from Friday, 25 March

Die Vlugtig EPG

Inside Vlugtig

Originally a short film that was released in 2017 Vlugtig, captivated audiences in only 12 minutes, but now as a full-length film this thriller will take viewers to another level that will leave them shocked, confused or as writer Ernst van Wyk would hope – inspired.

Simon Berg (Arno Greeff, Regardt Snyman in the drama series Recipes For Love And Murder Season 1) is a young actor down on his luck. He goes from audition to audition but just seems to not get the big break he yearns for, while he’s forced to play humiliating roles on a children’s programme to pay the rent.

Then lady luck shines on him. After an unusual audition, the famous playwright Andreas Vog (played by Ernst van Wyk) rocks up at his front door, offers him the lead in his new Red Riding Hood play, and gives him 10 minutes to pack a bag and say cheers to the children’s programme and follow him to his cabin in the woods. There, they will rehearse uninterrupted.

On their arrival at the cabin Simon meets his co-star Chantelle (played by actress Jane De Wet, Lexi Summerveld in the drama series The Girl From St. Agnes) a young actress who has already achieved more success than Simon. She’ll be playing Red Riding Hood.

Before rehearsal starts Andreas encourages Simon to chop wood to become accustomed to the feel of the axe, but from there things spiral out of control as Andreas keeps on pushing Simon harder to be a better actor, while criticising him intensely, driving him to go beyond mere method acting. All the better to mould him into the woodsman and wolf that Andreas wants for his play, my dear.

“The meaning behind the title emphasises how a brief encounter can change the course of your life,” explains Ernst. “Simon makes an impression on Andreas when he does his audition and from there his life direction changes drastically and he is forced to face his fears.

What exactly Simon’s fears are we can’t divulge just yet, viewers will have to rent the movie to see just how far Simon goes down the rabbit hole.

Meet the Cast

The story behind the story

“Back in 2017 director Marinus Gubitz entered the concept for the kykNET (DStv channel 144) Silwerskerm Film Festival and asked me to write it,” says Ernst. “After it had played at the festival, an acquaintance mentioned that it could have potential as a full-length film. Initially, I didn’t notice the potential, but the idea to discover Simon’s character and its growth and development interested me. In the end, I agreed to try and attempt a text.”

Ernst wrote and finished the first draft while sitting next to his brother, who had been diagnosed with brain cancer, while he was receiving treatment in the hospital. “It was a difficult time for me, but writing the script helped me to work through it and develop the short film into a full feature film,” says Ernst.

“We filmed mostly at night which was gruelling on the cast and crew but Arno, who plays Simon, really got the worst of it with most of his scenes and between takes I would find myself apologising to him for the abuse he was going through mentally and physically!”

Ernst’s hope is that the audience will see the deeper meaning in this film, be inspired and face their own fears and not allow themselves to fall victim to other people’s problems.

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