How to use the MyDstv App

How to use the MyDStv App

Help 10 May 2021

Open the MyDStv App and tap! And from there on, the App will guide through doing everything from paying your DStv account, to enhancing your package when you ADD Movies, to busting those decoder error messages and more

How to use the MyDStv App

You have your TV, your decoder and your remote, and now, with the MyDStv App, you can can rule over them all!  

As a DStv Customer, the MyDStv app gives you the power to take control of your viewing experience, to control and enhance your entertainment. Logging in to the MyDStv app unlocks a host of additional features, functionality and a much more personalised DStv experience.  

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With the MyDStv app, you can:  

  1. Sign up to the free, fabulous Rewards programme 
  2. Check your subscription balance  
  3. Pay for your subscription & stay connected  
  4. Manage and update your personal information  
  5. Upgrade or downgrade your package  
  6. Easily fix common errors on your decoder  
  7. View your entire payment history at a glance  
  8. Read live news from around the world 
  9. Find new shows to watch for yourself of your kids and browse the DStv TV Guide without interrupting anyone’s shows 
  10. Manage your holiday viewing experience 
  11. Change your package 
  12. ADD Movies to your package 

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Let’s try out a couple of those features… 

App & Tap to pay your DStv account

The MyDStv app offers you a secure and convenient way to pay your DStv account no matter where you are, when it suits you. No queues, no calls, no waiting for office hours.  

  • Open the app and tap View/Pay 
  • Confirm your payment method, including EFT, credit card, Snapscan, debit order, MasterPass, Zapper and money transfer.  
  • The app will then step you through everything from typing in a payment amount onward, and it’ll let you know when your payment has been successful. 

App & Tap to bust your error messages

You’re ready to watch your show, it’s snacks & relax time! But what’s this? An error message?!?! No need to yell for help, because the answer is already in your hands. With the MyDStv app you can tap-tap-tap and get your evening back, no matter when you’re trying to watch.  

  • Your DStv decoder will give you an error code on your TV on that “blue screen of death” 
  • Open the App and tap on the Manage tab on the bottom strip 
  • Select Clear Error Codes 
  • Confirm which decoder or account is giving the error so that the App knows what it’s working with 
  • Scroll through the list of errors until you find your matching error number 
  • Click confirm, and the tech bits and pieces will talk amongst themselves until they have everything sorted out, while you enjoy that cup of tea 
  • And voila, it’s showtime again 

App & Tap to upgrade your package

Say “Oh no” to FOMO. Read this month’s highlights packages and there’s that 1 show or event that tips the scales for you? You can quickly switch to a new package using the MyDStv app.  

  • Open the MyDStv app and tap change package 
  • Select the DStv package that you’d like to switch to 
  • The app will then step you through making the change 
  • And all the TV you want will be yours to enjoy the very same day 

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App & Tap to ADD Movies

Linking ADD Movies to your existing DStv package makes DStv’s Premium movie channels M-Net Movies 1M-Net Movies 2 and fliekNET available on your DStv decoderDStv App and on Catch Up. You could watch it all when you ADD Movies to your DStv Compact Plus, Compact, Family or Access subscription for just R99 per month. 

  • Open the MyDStv 
  • Select Manage 
  • Select ADD Movies 
  • Select your package from the dropdown list 
  • Click the movies package dropdown and select ADD Movies 
  • Accept 
  • Get watching! 

Plus, with the latest updates to the MyDStv app, you can enhance your DStv viewing even further by making use of the immersive experiences we’ve introduced within the MyDStv app that allow you to be part of some of our best shows on the MyDStv app while you watch.  

Download and register today to get started.  
The MyDStv app is available in the Apple, Google Play, and Huawei app stores  

Download the latest version of the MyDStv app  

How to download and register on the MyDStv app

  1. Visit the Apple iStore or the Google Play Store today 
  2. Search “MyDStv SA” or click here 
  3. Install the MyDStv app  
  4. Open the MyDStv app and tap the “More” icon in the bottom menu  
  5. Select Log In  
  6. If you already have a DStv account, go ahead and enter your email address and password  

If you are registering for the first time:  

  1. Start by filling in an email address, mobile number and choose a strong password  
  2. Click create an account  
  3. Fill in the DStv account holder’s ID number, DStv smartcard number, or DStv customer number  
  4. Check your inbox for confirmation  

Forgot your password?  

  1. When logging in, click “reset password” option or go here  
  2. Enter the email address or mobile number you signed up with  
  3. Click Reset  
  4. You will receive a 4-digit OTP (one-time pin) either in your inbox or on your phone  
  5. Enter the OTP  
  6. Reset your password  
  7. Log into your MyDStv app with your new password  

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