What to Watch on DStv Compact Plus December 2021 | Highlights – Documentaries & Reality

Stunning documentaries & reality on DStv Compact Plus this December

Highlights 01 December 2021

Ancient Aliens Meets William Shatner and so many more documentaries to watch on DStv Compact Plus this December.

Stunning documentaries & reality on DStv Compact Plus this December

DStv Compact Plus celebrates the value of curiosity with great reality series and documentaries this December.

True crime series focus on breakthroughs not just in how we investigate crimes using familial DNA, like Bloodline Detectives Season 1 and UnMasking A Killer Season 1, but in how we understand the psychology of killers and the impact of their crimes, too, with shows like Inside Evil With Chris Cuomo, which includes direct interviews with serial killers.

The reality series on DStv Compact Plus give insight into other kinds of lives too, including the human side of stripping in Beyond The Pole Season 2, the lives of Louisiana’s alligator hunters in Swamp People Season 12, and South African adventurer Riaan Manser shows us all how to have a great time in our own country in How To Adventure Season 1.

The History Channel (DStv channel 186) hosts 3 documentaries on the Bible itself, the process of crucifixion and how the 10 Commandments have influenced modern law. It’s also UFO month on History, with 4 documentaries and series focussed on out of this world phenomena. And along with a brand-new season of Ancient Aliens, we also get Ancient Aliens Meets William Shatner season 1, in which 1 of the most famous faces in science fiction gets to pose his personal questions to the Ancient Aliens panel of experts!

Keen for more? Here are the must-watch Movies, Music and Comedy on DStv Compact Plus this December.

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UFOs Season 1

Is there a conspiracy of silence about alien encounters? This 3-part series covers everything from the military and law enforcement’s alleged top secret UFO encounter files, to claims that mankind’s technological leaps are based on alien technology, to the US Presidents’ supposed encounters with UFOs, including presidents Eisenhower, Nixon, Carter, and Reagan.

Watch UFOs Season 1 daily on Monday, 6, Tuesday, 7 and Friday, 10 December on History (DStv channel 186) at 21:05

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