Give them joy, give them DStv Under The Tree


Now available instore. Online sales can be made from 23 November 2021. Subject to stock availability

Give them joy, give them DStv Under The Tree

Looking for the best gift ever to stash under the tree for your loved ones – something that will keep them laughing, intrigued and entertained all year long? Give the gift of joy, give them DStv.

The DStv Black Friday sale starts 15 November 2021 at all major SA retailers. Online sales can be made from 23 November 2021, and the sale ends 29 November 2021. So make your list, check it twice and get out there!

Buy Hardware & Accessories

Black Friday Special 499 KV

Want to start watching now but you don’t want a decoder and you don't have a fiber connection? The special Black Friday Total Bundle offers a 25GB DStv Internet box along with a DStv Compact subscription for R499.00 per month (over 24 months). Read more about DStv internet here.

DStv Explora Ultra

The DStv Explora Ultra is a decoder with built-in WiFi that allows you to watch DStv along with your favourite streaming services like Showmax*, Netflix*, Amazon* and YouTube* Prime. You can watch series on Catch Up, record up to 110 hours of programming, rent BoxOffice movies, even watch one show while recording another. The Explora Ultra is 4K streaming, HDR and Dolby Atmos capable. Read more about Installation and requirements here.

*Separate subscription may be required.

DStv Explora Ultra (standalone)

Normal retail price: R1999.00
Black Friday price: R1699.00
You save: R300

DStv Explora Ultra (with installation)

Normal retail price: 3299.00
Black Friday price: R2499.00
You save: R800

BF Explora Ultra

DStv Explora 

This decoder has all the DStv features you’re used to – like the ability to pause live TV for 2 hours, use interactive apps, and record one programme while watching another, along with 110 hours of recording space, Catch Up, BoxOffice and Showmax. Read more about the DStv Explora installation and requirements here.

DStv Explora (standalone)

Normal retail price: R999.00
Black Friday price: R699.00
You save: R300

DStv Explora (with installation)

Normal retail price: R1999.00
Black Friday price: R1499.00
You save: R500

Dstvfestive Blackfriday Hres

DStv HD Decoder 8S

The HD Decoder 8S has HD and Dolby Digital capability, an 8-day TV Guide, Parental Control and an easy to use remote.

DStv HD Decoder 8S (with installation)

Normal retail price: R749.00
Black Friday price: R599.00
You save: R150

DStv WiFi Connector

The DStv WiFi Connector is a device that links your DStv Explora to the router in your home. It does so easily and wirelessly. By linking your DStv Explora to the internet, you can watch more Catch Up and stream Showmax. Read more about the DStv WiFi Connector here.

DStv WiFi Connector

Normal retail price: R199.00
Black Friday price: R99.00
You save: R100

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