Strictly silly secrets


Strictly Come Dancing’s celebrities share their pre-season insider secrets

Strictly silly secrets

They’re dazzling us on the dance floor now, showing off their best moves. But just before the latest season of Strictly Come Dancing launched, we chatted to the celebrity contestants behind the scenes and they scattered some fascinating little sequins of information.

Keep reading to find out about which dances everyone wants to learn, how families have reacted, what it’s like being “Strictlified” in fake tan and tight pants, and more...

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Safety first

Strictly Come Dancing Executive producer Sarah James chatted briefly about what’s happening behind the scenes to film the show: "This year, the pro dancers are all in a hotel together, in a household. We're recording most of the group numbers for the series ahead of the series, like we did last year. And then when we get into the live shows, they will be tested weekly and they will bubble up with their celebrities and we'll keep them distanced from each other,” Sarah says.

“Last year the isolation period when you received a positive test was 14 days, but this year it's 10 days so if a celebrity does receive a positive test, it doesn't necessarily mean they are out of the competition (which is why Tom Fletcher and Amy Dowden only had to sit out episode 2 when they got positive COVID test results)," she reveals.

It’s a welcome relief from last year’s COVID protocols, which saw the show’s first same sex partnership have to leave the floor. On the topic of Johannes and John dancing together this season, Sarah says, "It's definitely been something that we've always wanted to do and John has already proven that he's an amazing spokesperson for it. Nicola (Adams) and Katya (Jones) were amazing last year (until they had to exit when Katya tested COVID positive), it’s just a shame that it was cut short, but they paved the way and our research showed that everybody really appreciated that partnership."

Still on the floor

Already out

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