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Meet the people of Suidooster, a small shopping and business center in one of Cape Town's suburbs where three families work together and necessarily share in each other's love and sorrow.

Weekdays on kykNET (DStv channel 144) at 18:30

About the Show

23 May 2021

Various families interact and work together in the fictional Cape Town suburb of Ruiterbosch. Within the Suidooster Sentrum - a local shopping centre - the Samsodien’s own the local pharmacy, while the coffee shop and restaurant, Oos Wes is where many of the characters hang out to discuss their daily dramas and challenges. The centre is owned by Bridgette October (Denise Newman) while several of the characters work at her and her husband, Ian’s (Abduraghmaan Adams) architect firm from which they also manage several other properties.


Bested by the Bookkeeper!

07 March 2022

Mymoena catches Tim and Nazeem embezzling money at JPD on Suidooster in March on DStv