Twitter reacts to Banzis death Isithembiso

29 January 2019
Mzansi reacts to Simi stabbing Banzi with a Mkhonto, calling it an entire movie!
<p>Simi stabs Banzi</p>


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The push of death

Banzi has been the villain we have loved to hate for the longest time, the signature voice and the deliberate way he drags Siiiiimi's name has been our favourite things to complain about. After Simi made a comeback from her death bed, there was only one thing on her agenda - Kill Banzi! We were reluctant to see how this would end because Banzi always wins. This seemed to be the case when in an unexpected turn of events Banzi captured Zamani, stabbed Karlujah and even attempted to burn Kero and Diamond (Yes, issa lot). 

This all took a 360 turn when Abednego and Oscar came to save the day, allowing Simi to break free and face her opponent, face-to-face. Simi went in for the kill, stabbing him with an Mkhonto and pushing him back into the river! Mzansi was in owe of Simi's strength and fearlessness and we must admit, we were too.  Mzansi was soo shoocketh, it made #IsithembisoMzansi trend for hours, with many speculating that the villain might not be dead at all! Whether he is or not, this goes down as one of Isithembiso's exciting episodes! It was a whole movie! 

Here's how it all went down on Twitter:


Whether Banzi remains defeated we will forever remember the moment Simi stood up to him. A true zulu princess.  Tune in to Isithembiso weekdays at 7:30 pm. 

If you missed the action packed scene, view the the gallery here: