Mama's Boy

26 June 2017
Kagiso has chosen the wrong time and girl to grow out of being his mother's favourite child.
the queen mamas boy

From the seasoned rational soldier and the apple of Harriet's eye to the bane of the Khoza existence, Kagiso has done a complete 180. Can Harriet reach out to her son and bring him back to sanity? Will the truth about Kagiso be revealed in time for him to see through Goodness? Or will Goodness find out that Kagiso killed her father in cold bloood first?

Doting, disciplined and relaible son with a heart of gold. Kagiso has always been something of the Khozas moral compass while also having a darker side gleaned from his days as a soldier. Now, true to his idealistic heart Kagiso has been lead down a dangerous path with Goodess Bhengu under the guise of true love. 

There is no doubt that Harriet keeps a close and tight leash on her children. She wants them ot work in the family business, she wants to know who they are seeing and when but all in alll she also wants what is best for them and their highest happiness. Under normal conditions, this would nothing unusual, just a mother's love. However, enter Goodness Bhengu in to the picture and this becomes fertile ground to plant a deep hate in Kagiso for his own mother. 

Goodness has wrappen him up in delusions about his mother being controlling and only haveing her selfish desires at heart. Harriet is no saint, and her efficacy of her mothers is debatable, but she hardly has anything against her own son. However, with Kagiso out of the Khoza house, it will be difficult for Harriet to get any closer to him as Goodness digs her claws into him deep. 

Harriet has killed her husband and now she has lost a son. The Khoza house is coming undone even without Shaka gunning for Kagiso's blood.

What remains unclear is how Goodness sees her plan of breaking the Khoza family apart coming together without her constant facilitation. She may have given up too much for very little gain. This is also not the first time Kagiso has called quits on his family, although it may seem to be final. 

There is no end to the tricks Goodness will employ to achieve her goals. There is also no end to lengths Harriet will go to get her son back. It is now mother against girlfriend and the war is just starting. Who will win the fight for Kagiso...Harriet or Goodness? 

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