What to Watch on DStv Compact Plus in March 2023 | Highlights

The shows on DStv Compact Plus explore intriguing stories this March

Highlights 01 March 2023

Take a journey through history with the new shows on Compact Plus this March.

The shows on DStv Compact Plus explore intriguing stories this March

As the calendar flips to March, there is exciting new content that is set to debut on DStv Compact Plus. From the medical examinations of royal figures to the tactics of U-boat commanders, these shows offer a unique look at some of the most dramatic and important moments in history.

You can also tune into concerts, documentaries and interviews of legendary musicians on Qwest (DStv Channel 330). With something for everyone, you’ll be captivated by these fascinating histories and intriguing stories. Click here to upgrade your package.

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Royal Autopsy

The series takes a deep dive into the medical examinations of famous and controversial royal figures in history such as King Tut and Napoleon. Royal Autopsy examines the evidence surrounding their deaths and offers new insights into their lives and legacies.

Watch from Sunday, 19 March at 20:15 on History (186)

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The Real Housewives Of Miami Season 4 Peacock
The Real Housewives of Miami

Set in the sun-soaked city of Miami, this show follows the lives of a group of wealthy and glamorous women as they navigate the ups and downs of their lives. The season promises plenty of drama and jaw-dropping moments.

Watch from Monday, 20 March at 19:00 on 1Magic (DStv Channel 103)

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NYC Revealed
NYC Revealed

The show takes viewers on a journey through the hidden corners and secret spaces of New York City, uncovering fascinating stories and hidden gems along the way.

Watch from Thursday, 9 March at 21:00 on Curiosity Channel (185)

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U Boat Wargamers

With rare footage and expert analysis, the show is a fascinating look at one of the most dramatic and intense periods in modern history. U Boat Wargamers explores the tactics and strategies used by U-boat commanders during World War II.

Watch from Saturday, 11 March at 19:25 on History (186)

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Creepy Crawlies
Creepy Crawlies

If you’re fascinated by the world of insects and other creepy crawlies, then Creepy Crawlies is the show for you. The docuseries takes viewers on a journey through the fascinating and sometimes terrifying world of bugs, spiders, and other creepy creatures.

Watch from Wednesday, 8 March at 21:00 on Curiosity Channel (185)

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