Festive feasts

Highlights 05 December 2022

DStv invites you to dinner whipped up by some of TV most exquisite chefs.

Festive feasts

We’re throwing a family dinner, and all the chefs on your favourite DStv cooking series have been asked to bring a dish. Dineo and the Purple Chef are serving the local flavour and Jamie Oliver is keeping it simple. Meanwhile, the sweetest of them all, the MasterChef Junior kids and Bake-Off adults have poured their hearts and souls into making something amazing.

At the “alternative” table, TikTok’s favourite vegan aunty, Tabitha Brown has a treat too. She is serving a new cooking reality show, and local writer and artist, Louis Jansen van Vuuren is also catering to a vegan palette.

It’s a banquet of foodie shows, filled with inspiration and family warmth. Bon appetite.

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