Real Housewives vs Real Besties

Local 17 November 2022

Kiki & Mel discuss their friendship and some “too real” moments in Die Real Housewives van Pretoria.

Real Housewives vs Real Besties

Die Real Housewives van Pretoria on kykNET (DStv Channel 144) has stomped its stiletto heel into the nation’s hearts. With its meltdowns and in-your-face attitudes, the posse of Pretoria’s poshest neighbourhood serves drama.

Each Thursday, Renske Lammerding, Marié Bosman, Talana Kuhn, Mel Viljoen, Rhona Erasmus, and Kiki La Coco invite viewers into their lavish lives. Think magnificent mansions, designer clothes, luxury cars, and the most expensive diamonds... While their extravagant parties usually end in catfights, the group has forged strong connections, like Mel and Kiki’s bond. Read below as the pair unpacks their newly found friendship.

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Partners in crime

Kiki and Mel’s friendship started on the show when they realised that they have plenty in common. “I’m crazy about Mel, I adore her,” says Kiki. “Mel is really such a softie and such a humble person, but the situation she was in [at the start of the series] made people see a different side of her,” adds Kiki.

Mel chimes in that she and Kiki see eye-to-eye because they are more playful than proper. “Some people think everything is so serious, but we laugh at each other and Kiki’s a great woman. She is so sweet and she gets along with everyone. She’ll also tell me upfront any time I post an unflattering photo – and she’ll be right! I’ll always listen to her wise advice,” says Mel.

As viewers saw at the start of November, this loving friendship has a competitive edge. Mel surprised her team when she pulled off a speedy manoeuvre to beat Kiki across the finish line in a car race. As The Real Housewives of Pretoria unfolds, there will be plenty of drama to come with Kiki’s continued house hunt and Mel’s upcoming Diamond Nail Day in episode 6, on 17 November. Look out for episode 7 on 24 November, where Mel and Kiki get ringside seats to a celebrity boxing event, and there’s something that leads Mel to question Kiki’s true intentions.

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