Adeola Ariyo

Local 10 June 2022

Supermodel and TV hosts fills us in on the new season of Hair To The Throne

Adeola Ariyo

Nigerian supermodel, media personality and TV host, Adeola Ariyo is a bona fide style show favourite. Hosting the popular Hair To The Throne show on HONEY (DStv 173), Ariyo facilitates the most exciting hair competition in Africa. Eight hairstylists go toe-to-toe for the title of hair champion. Hair guru, Nikiwe Dlova judges each challenge as the contestants execute to the best of their ability. Ariyo comes back to the pan-African lifestyle channel after hosting another hair competition called Hair Knockout. We sit down with the model and host for a catch-up.

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1. You're set in the hosting space at this point, how have you experienced the transition between modelling and TV hosting?

The transition has been pretty easy for me to be honest. I’d say that the only difference I have felt so far between the two is that with hosting, I have a voice! My personality shines through. I also have lines! Haha! The long hours, early call times, the lights, cameras, hair and makeup processes are all things I’ve been very familiar with for the last 20+ years of my modelling career. If anything, modelling has helped me a lot with transitioning into TV presenting and hosting.

2. This format is quite different to Hair Knockout, which one do you like better?

Oh, I prefer Hair To The Throne’s format for sure! The main reason is that the whole season is consistent with the same contestants and even though people get eliminated, there was a nice storyline throughout the season. I got to know each contestant, conversations flowed easily and there was progress being made with each of them which was very evident also. Overall, I loved it.

3. What was the most exciting part of shooting Hair To The Throne?

The most exciting part for me was getting to see what creations the contestants came up with. Seeing the way they transformed their models was lovely to see. Plus, I got so many great hair tips and I also learnt a thing or two from them whilst filming.

4. What are three things you are obsessed with right now?

I’m currently obsessed with plants, solo dates, and true crime documentaries.

5. Where will Adeola Ariyo be in 5 years' time?

In 5 years’ time, I see myself having my own TV show. Hopefully this includes producing and directing shows as well. I can say I’ve found my calling and with the right frame of mind and team behind me, this goal of mine will happen.

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