Stars put each other on the spot at #DStvRountable

The panel is picking each other’s brains on #DStvRoundtable

Highlights 22 December 2020

Donovan Goliath takes a back seat and gives the stars a chance to grill each other. Nothing is off the table at the #DStvRoundtable

Welcome to the holiday special episode of #DStvRoundtable where the stars are getting up close and personal with each other. Unlike previous discussions, which were led by comedian and the host with the most, Donovan Goliath, this one-of-a-kind episode contains a lovely twist. The stars are taking charge of the conversation and asking each other questions about their characters and the projects they’re working on.

As always, the celebs are completely transparent and are holding nothing back on the entertainment industry and their private lives. By the end of the chat, you’ll know more about this panel than you ever have. Remember to join the conversation on social media platforms, #DStvRoundtable.

In the spotlight

As the Roundtable begins, Donovan is seated with the Scripted panel, which includes top local performers Kate Liquorish, Lorcia Cooper, Zola Msizi, Didintle Khunou, Robert Whitehead, Stephanie Baartman and Kgosi Mongake.

The Q&A continues in the second part of the video when Donovan chats with the Unscripted panel: Beer Adriaanse, Janina Oberholzer, Kabous Meiring, Rozanne McKenzie and Makgotso “Leanne” Makopo.

Like the professionals they are, they’re putting on their best low-register “interview” voices and are putting each other on the spot. Buckle up, it’s going to be quite an interesting ride.

How do you get into character?

To begin the Q&A, Didintle (Esther on BET, DStv 129, telenovela Isono) questions Kate (Abi in drama series Still Breathing, and Laurette on feel-good holiday movie A Twisted Christmas, available on Showmax) about her thought process while portraying Laurette. Kate explains that while her personality is different from the over-privileged and ignorant Laurette, she enjoys getting out of her comfort zone and fully exploring the characters she plays. “I also like a challenge because when [a scene] is difficult, that’s when you learn. I also had to accept that my character is a bad person and I didn’t judge her,” adds the actress.

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What’s it like acting on a series vs a commercial?

Next, it’s Kgosi’s (Zakwe on Isono) chance to grill Zola (Lefa on drama Vula Vala, available on Showmax). He asks about Zola’s transition from acting on commercials to now starring on a drama show. Zola admits that it took a while adjusting to spending longer hours on set and getting a grasp of his character. “The other cast members on set helped a lot. They encouraged me [to improvise and think outside the box]. I don’t have to do everything by the book or learn the script word for word, they told me to ‘make it you’. In turn, working on commercials has become easier,” reveals Zola.

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How do you fully understand a character?

With 44 years in the entertainment industry, Robert (Herbert in Christmas film Herb & Moon, which is available on Showmax, and Archie in telenovela Legacy) is in the best position to answer Lorcia’s (star of local dramas Still Breathing, Lockdown and Housekeepers) question. She wants to know how Robert masters his characters and debriefs after filming wraps up. The answer? “Well, you have to know your character, which involves plenty of research. Through rehearsals, you get to know the character. How do you get out of character, you ask? You run for it?” says Robert with a giggle.

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How did you connect with a storyline that touched home?

When Robert is given the floor, he asks Stephanie (Bibi in Getroud Met Rugby) about the significance of her character Bibi’s recent gender-based violence (GBV) storyline. Stephanie is truthful and links the abuse storyline to her personal experience. “GBV happens everywhere and more people hide it. More people than we realise are hiding it,” says Stephanie. “We got the conversation going on Getroud. I was a victim of [abuse] for 7 years in my previous marriage. It was [cathartic] to play that and find more healing,” adds Stephanie, to a round of the panellists’ applause.

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How do you deal with public criticism?

With the Unscripted panel, Rozanne (presenter of Besigheid Wat Saak Maak and Kopskuif) asks Leanne (star of reality show Izangoma Zodumo, available on Showmax) about how she deals with the backlash on social media. Considering that Leanne refers to herself as a “social media freak”, the rude comments about her reality show were a bitter pill to swallow until she came to terms with the fact that she wasn’t going to please everyone. “From the onset, we were met with [disapproval],” says Leanne. “But at the end of the day, I’m a healer, [and I wanted to show the audience] that life isn’t that bad when you adhere to your ancestors. So I can admit that now, I’m okay with it,” adds the traditional healer.

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What was it like hosting a game show for the first time?

Janina (co-presenter of sports talk show Toks ’n Tjops) is more than ready to grill Beer (host of family game show Die Flinkste Familie). Since he is an actor, she’s fascinated with his shift from starring on comedy and drama shows to presenting a game show. “It’s the first time that I was asked to play myself,” says Beer. “[When it comes to acting, I’d do anything, like be naked, jump from things. But when you’re [instructed] to be yourself, you’re still expected to be a heightened version of yourself. A friend of mine advised me to be myself. So that's what I bring to the game show,” explains Beer.

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How did you change the face of farming shows?

Beer’s question is directed at Kabousie (yes, the panel already have pet names for each other and inside jokes). Because Kabous (host of agricultural shows Prontuit and Absa MegaBoere) started hosting Absa MegaBoere in Season 5 (2018), Beer wanted to know how the show has transformed since she took over. “I was the first female presenter. However, I wasn’t worried about my gender, but rather my knowledge about agriculture and other subjects matters that are discussed on the show,” admits Kabous. She goes on to discuss ways that MegaBoere has transformed over the years, from profiling affluent farmers to shining a light on technologically advanced farmers who enrich their communities.

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Tune in to watch all this and more from the Q&A. The stars have plenty to say, and you can catch it all on DStv’s YouTube. Just search for #DStvRoundtable.

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