I said YES!

I said YES!

International 31 May 2022

The tulle, the tears & the big day! South African Amy Fox takes us inside Say Yes To The Dress Dubai

I said YES!

In this life, we’re either Say Yes To The Dress (SYTTD) daydreamers, or we’re liars.

In my mind I am on the bridal podium, in the most beautiful gown that a seamstress ever wept over. The host gently turns me to face the mirror and my eyes well up with huge, anime tears. I look like a frickin’ princess! My entourage of frenemies is stunned to silence. My mother acts like I won an Oscar, married a doctor and gave birth to a president. And yes, I am showing “church tiddy” as I twirl on that podium. Somewhere, far away, my future husband wonders why he’s started to sweat.

So far that dream hasn’t come true for most of us. But for Dubai-based South African health and fitness expert Amy Fox, it has.

Amy and her mom Carmen leapt at the chance to be in the new Say Yes To The Dress Dubai Season 1. “The show contacted me, and I honestly couldn’t believe it. It was a no-brainer for me – I just had to do it! My mom and I would always watch SYTTD together. This started years ago! It will always be a special show for us – especially now that we’re on it!” says a thrilled Amy.

She already had her for-real wedding dress by the time the show called, but she wanted a second dress for her reception, so she had her consultation with the show in late September 2021. Ever since then she’s been sitting on a secret. Like all brides today, Amy is dodging a new, unwelcome wedding guest. “Our wedding is set for 15 October 2022. The countdown is officially on again, after having to postpone due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” she explains.

Amy smuggled us into her entourage to give us a sneak peek behind the scenes of her Say Yes experience…


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The Dress, the dream, the drama

How did you prepare for your episode?

“I was a bit nervous before coming onto the show. I brought my mom with me, and it was the best decision I could have made, because she doesn’t hold back on her thoughts! It was helpful having her there for support and her opinion is very important to me. I didn’t have any expectations going onto the show, I just went with the flow. Before going into my appointment, I sent the team some dress inspo ideas so they could see my style and what I was looking for before I arrived. This really helped! But for any future brides trying on gowns – definitely have an open mind about trying on different styles. You never know what you may end up falling in love with!”

What kind of vibe did you want with your wedding reception dress?

“I was looking for something flowy, easy to move & dance in, light and comfortable.”

What were you flexible on and what was on your must-have list?

“I went in with a pretty open mind, so I was quite flexible. But one thing I really wanted was for my dress to be comfortable!”

What did the production team do to help you prepare for your episode?

“The production team wanted me to be as open and honest as possible and try to forget about the camera crew around us. It was way easier than I thought it was going to be. The crew made us feel very relaxed as soon as we entered the bridal store.”

What was your first meeting with your host Khalil Zein like?

“He was welcoming and warm from the start. It made it easy for my mom and I to be comfortable, which we really appreciated!”


What surprised you during the process?

“Even though this was the second dress I was shopping for, I still felt quite emotional trying it on. I didn’t expect that at all! When the veil went on, it’s such a real, heartfelt moment. I remember thinking to myself “Wow, I’m really doing this. I’m really getting married!”

Did any of the dresses shift how you saw yourself?

“I have always been slightly worried that I’ll look muscular in my wedding dress, but I was really happy to see how feminine I looked in all the dresses.”

What did you think of your episode?

“My mom, dad and fiancé all watched it together and I love our episode. My mom is usually very shy in front of the camera, but you would never have said that after watching the episode. I was so proud of her!”

Where are you keeping your dresses and how often do you get to sneak a peek at them?

“I have my wedding dress at home, kept in my cupboard – which is off-bounds to my fiancé! When I’m home alone, I sometimes just put it on for fun and dance around the house (Amy laughs) It gets me so excited for the big day! My reception dress is still at the bridal store. We have our last fitting relatively soon to look forward to.”

What’s it been like to have held onto your dress secret for so long?

“It was a real challenge! Usually this would be something I would call my friends about straight away, so it was difficult keeping it from them… But also, it was so worth their reaction when I finally got to tell them!”

And even after she’s married, Amy’s always going to say yes to SYTTD!


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