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Tannie Maria’s Sunday Night Delight

Local 18 March 2022

Maria Doyle Kennedy talks about making Recipes for Love and Murder Season 1

Tannie Maria’s Sunday Night Delight

Welcome to Tannie Maria’s glorious kitchen in the Karoo, where she has prepared a treat for you. It contains the spice of the finest local acting talent, a hefty helping of murder mystery, and lashings of comedy and romance. And it’s all served up as a Sunday Night Delight on M-Net (DStv Channel 101).

With such a delicious flavour combination, we begged Tannie Maria Purvis herself, actress Maria Doyle Kennedy, for a voorsmakie – just a little taste – of what’s to come, and some of this “sunshine noir” series’ secret ingredients… 

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Tannie Maria’s recipe secrets

What was 1 of the key moments describing Tannie Maria that made you think “I know you!”?

“When Tannie M and Jessie are creeping around about to break into the Burgers' house, and Jessie spots that Tannie M is wearing a “kiss the cook” apron. Tannie Maria responds with, “It’s the only black thing I could find.” That perfectly describes my life! I am always running, always grabbing something last minute from the washing machine or from under a pile of my children’s things.”

Watch Recipes For Love and Murder Season 1, Sundays at 20:00 on M-Net (DStv Channel 101)

Tell us a little about your first day on set in Prince Albert?

“It was a little overwhelming to see “my” house, a place I had spent a lot of time thinking about. It looked so pretty and peaceful; I could easily see myself living there.”

What are your favourite details from Tannie Maria’s house?

“I think it’s the location more than anything that moves me. This hot desert land that she has cultivated and used to grow food and raise animals, it makes you feel that good things are possible.”

Tell us about that first spark between Maria and Tony Kgoroge’s character, Khaya?

“Tannie Maria and Khaya’s first moments are all of annoyance! She irritates him with her meddling (as he sees it) and he is rude to her. It is not until several episodes in that they begin to confide in each other, and a trust begins. It’s a new feeling for Tannie M.”

Who is Morag the chicken?

“Morag is Tannie M’s best friend, the person (well, the chicken) that she talks to as you would a friend. She thinks out loud and asks Morag about whatever is on her mind. Morag doesn't answer, of course, but the process and the company are good for Tannie M.”

Watch Recipes For Love and Murder Season 1, Sundays at 20:00 on M-Net (DStv Channel 101)

Coming from an abusive marriage herself, what’s it like for Tannie Maria to have this woman reaching out to her, whose own husband is abusive?

“It is deeply upsetting and triggers her to remember things she had been trying to forget for years.”

When Maria is in Scotland, what did you change about the way you played her?

“She is quieter, more contained, as she has little or no confidence. She lives in fear of her husband, but she is also very confused by what is happening and carries a lot of shame and guilt around it.”

Tannie Maria is a wonderful cook. But watching TV we can’t smell or taste. How did you still give us the “yum” experience?

“What a great job it was, where I got to eat my way through the series! I decided that Tannie Maria was the kind of cook who really enjoyed her food, so I allowed myself to do that when I was being her. I tasted everything (usually several times through the cooking process) and I think you can see that I really enjoyed the tastes and smells that she created in her kitchen.”

How were the cooking scenes filmed?

“The cooking scenes were difficult to achieve, as you want to bring the viewer inside the food somehow, which means everything happens in a slightly unnatural order so that you can film from the side…through the oven…from above, etc. I hope we achieved the “delish factor”. We learnt a huge amount doing it, and probably a few things we will try a bit differently if we make more seasons!”

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