New pop-up channel joins DStv’s School of Laughter

Kids 30 September 2020

ZooMoo (DStv 314) is available on DStv Premium, Compact Plus, Compact and Family until 31 March 2021.

New pop-up channel joins DStv’s School of Laughter

Kids and parents are in for a massive treat.

A brand new pop-up channel has joined DStv’s School of Laughter!

ZooMoo, a children’s channel which provides kids with educational content about animals around the world, is now available on DStv Premium, Compact Plus, Compact and Family. The channel will be available on DStv 314 until 31 March, 2021.

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Unlock new adventures

ZooMoo is a collaboration between some of the world’s foremost wildlife filmmakers, early childhood educationalists and technology developers. Its programming engages and entertains children with the wonders of animals, to stimulate and develop their innate emotional connection with the natural world. Some of ZooMoo’s well-loved shows are Leo the Wildlife Ranger, Lost!, Clawdia’s Amazing African Adventure, Piglet’s Adventure Machine, and Ninja Pop.

What to watch

With an entire new channel to explore, we know you’ll be wondering which shows are unmissable. Here are out top picks for you to set recordings and reminders right now!


Watch and win!

To celebrate the channel launch, ZooMoo and DStv’s School of Laughter are looking to share the excitement by giving away some awesome prizes!

All you have to do is watch the elephant-tastic, zebra-stonishing and lama-stounding ZooMoo Awesome Animal Awards on Sunday, 4 October at 11:00 on ZooMoo (DStv 314). Tell us who won the award for the Most Colourful Animal by commenting on the competition post on DStv’s Twitter, Facebook or Instagram pages, and you could win one of 30 ZooMoo hampers. It’s that easy!

Catch Me If You Can

Did you know that sloths are the slowest animals on Earth? It can take them almost a month just to digest a single leaf! Sloths may spend most of their time on trees but they are great swimmers They can move three times faster in water than on land and can hold their breath for 40 minutes in water Learn more about this cute mammal on ZooMoo this October!

From Tuesday, 20 October on ZooMoo (DStv 314) at 12:00.

Halloween + Trick or Treat Special

It's a Halloween spook-tacular on ZooMoo! In a frightfully fun Halloween special we'll take a special look at all kinds of scary animals and creepy creatures. Junior and new ZooMoo team member Fluffy take us trick or treating!

From Friday, 30 October on ZooMoo (DStv 314) at 09:30.

And don’t forget…

It’s the Awesome Animals Awards Special!

Join host Owl and the rest of the ZooMoo crew in cheering for the winners in the ZooMoo Awesome Animal Awards! Will your favourite animal win a ZooMoo Golden Egg Award? Tune in to find out!

Sunday, 4 October on ZooMoo (DStv 314) at 11:00.

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