Watch CN to the Rescue S2, on Cartoon Network (DStv Channel 301)

Woza - Cartoon Network Africa’s favourite family is back

Kids 23 February 2022

Tune in for Season 2 of the uproarious comedy, CN to the Rescue!

Woza - Cartoon Network Africa’s favourite family is back

Just when you thought that this year couldn't get off to a better start, think again! Cartoon Network brings you a brand-new season of its original local production, CN to the Rescue. Premiering on 21 February on Cartoon Network Africa (DStv Channel 301), the show is set to keep audiences laughing uncontrollably with pure African humour and fresh, imaginative content that combines the forces of live-action comedy with quality animation.

Following the massive success of season one, which ranked as the number one watched show in South Africa across all kids’ channels in January 2021, CN to the Rescue 2 takes us deeper into the adventurous parallel world of Tapiwa's 'Imagination Room'. Here the lines between reality and animation become more blurred, the story becomes more real, and the adventure becomes even crazier than ever! Is the new mysterious family member, Uncle Ezekius from Cape Town, a good guy, or is he plotting evil? Haibo! - Will Tapiwa and his no-nonsense glam, but caring Mama, intensely focused nerdy bra, and happy-go-lucky Gogo find a way out of the 'Imagination Room' in time?

Watch CN To The Rescue S2 from Monday, 21 February on Cartoon Network (DStv Channel 301) at 18:10.

Wacky 'slap-chic' African comedian André Lembwa portrays ALL five characters again, including the new long-lost uncle. He skillfully brings all the personalities in the show to life with his unexpected comedy and humour. Produced by the multi-talented Capetonian filmmaker Howard James Fyvie, season two expands on the colourful first season, highlighting everyday situations in the African household. The new installment introduces more local flavour while featuring a lot more of Cape Town. The continuous storyline throughout the nine episodes gives season 2 a real 'series' feel, set to keep audiences coming back episode after episode!

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“CN to the Rescue is just like the kind of show that used to inspire me when I was a kid - it’s all about family, adventure and imagination. The cool thing about this show, though, is it’s wrapped in a uniquely African aesthetic with a true local flavour,” says Fyvie. “Working on it was a joy, a challenge and a miracle all wrapped into one. Thanks to WarnerMedia for trusting us and supporting our passion!”

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Ariane Suveg, Head of Kids channels Africa, France and Israel, explains, “Bringing CN to the Rescue back to our channel with nine 11-minute brand-new episodes is a perfect example of Cartoon Network’s dedication to creating local content that resonates with our African audience. This show is truly local: not only are the creators African, but the whole production team reigns from Africa - bringing innovative content aligned with Cartoon Network’s brief to showcase unexpected, random, humorous and energetic content!”

Check out this cool behind the scenes video of CN To The Rescue S2:

Watch CN To The Rescue S2 from Monday, 21 February on Cartoon Network (DStv Channel 301) at 18:10.

With Taps' crazy adventures and his quintessentially African family along for the ride, CN to the Rescue has the perfect ingredients for kids to enjoy and laugh out loud. And with amusing pop culture references included throughout, Cartoon Network's grown-up fans will also relish the new show: an incredible viewing experience for the whole family!

A new season, new characters, and a new adventure - tune in from Monday, 21 February at 18:10 CAT on Cartoon Network Africa (DStv Channel 301) as Cartoon Network's biggest fan, Taps, comes to the Rescue!

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