Send your kids on DStv Island Adventures with the MyDStv App

Island Adventures: A mobile edutainment game for the little ones!

Learn, play and stay safe with DStv Island Adventures on the MyDStv App

Your kids love all their shows on DStv’s School of Laughter. And as a caregiver, you love that you can give them a safe and fun TV viewing experience that helps them to learn while they play.

Now you can have the same peace of mind with DStv’s brand new Island Adventures, accessible to DStv customers on all packages via the MyDStv App.

Island Adventures is a fun zone for children that allows them to discover new shows and play games that are suitable for their age group and stage of learning. DStv customers across all packages can access Island Adventures for free via the MyDStv App.

Like a real-life island, the Island Adventures kids zone of the MyDStv App is set up to keep your child from straying into the internet’s no-go zones, but still offers them plenty of space and independence so they can grow – and singlehandedly defeat that evil Boredom Beast.

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What’s on Island Adventures?

When your kids enter the Island Adventures platform via the MyDStv App, they'll find fun activities and characters from Disney, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Boomerang, as well as beautifully curated educational activities from channels like DaVinci, Mindset, PBS Kids and Cbeebies.

The platform also features short videos to introduce children to new shows and friends, and they can find games and activities featuring characters they already know from their favourite shows on DStv.

The games they play will include brain workouts like memory activities, puzzle games, logic puzzles, and quizzes based on their favourite TV shows, which will test memory and comprehension and encourage active viewing.

There’s a colouring book, which will help with those fine motor skills and expressing creativity. And if your kid falls in love with the creation, you’ll be able to download the page and save it, or even print it out to keep.

Cute, friendly “Monsters” will guide your child through the step-by-step login process

Games will have clearly set up stages of difficulty so they continue to be engaging as your child learns.

The Monster Friends will also remember your child’s birth month so they can get special greetings.

Your child will be able to choose their own cute Monster avatar for the games they play. Along with characters from their favourite shows, these will include especially designed characters exclusive to Island Adventures members.

There’s treasure on the Island, too! Kids will be able to enter age-appropriate competitions for prizes related to their beloved shows and channels.

The casual gaming area will feature in-game-only virtual currency to reward children for their game achievements and to allow them to buy fun special features for their avatar. This cannot be topped up with real-world cash, and can be earned only through playing and completing activities.

Safety First

Because the App is an “Island”, parents and guardians are be able to “lock” children’s experiences so they don’t go straying off the map.

If you’re sharing devices at home, you can create individual, pin-locked profiles for each of your children using the Island Adventures App. When your child is on their profile, they will not be able to move out of their zone on the MyDStv App, so they will not be able to add to your bills, purchase any upgrades, or play the older children’s games.

The mobile games your children can access through Island Adventures are deliberately designed to use as little of your (or their) data as possible.

The App is free to download, no matter what your DStv package is. 

Download the MyDStv App today to play Island Adventures now

Download the MyDStv App now 

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