Amazing factual content on DStv, 5-11 November


A glimpse behind the scenes, a look from an animal’s perspective, and a mission to find the lost empire of Atlantis in DStv’s new factual series this week

Amazing factual content on DStv, 5-11 November

Animal lovers are in for a treat with DStv’s new factual series and specials this week.  

Eden: Untamed Planet: The Making Of, gives viewers a new perspective on how the BBC shot the amazing footage of earth’s wonders, and if you’re an animal lover you can see the world in a whole new way in the doccie series Animals With Cameras. 

Then in Hunting Atlantis fantasy novelist Stel Pavlou and environmental scientist Jess Phoenix go on an adventure to find clues about the location of the lost city of Atlantis. 

Looking for something a little deadlier? Stick around for true crime series A Lie To Die For and Murdertown

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Into the unknown

Eden Untamed Planet 06 004
Eden: Untamed Planet: The Making Of S1

Look how the series was made and find out how wildlife filmmakers from the BBC got those incredible shots in some of the world’s most pristine wilderness, like the San Rafael Glacier in Patagonia. And witness the lengths they went to capture footage of hyenas and jackals preying on seals on Namibia’s Skeleton Coast.  

Watch from Sunday, 7 November on BBC Earth (DStv channel 184) at 16:10  

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Animals With Cameras 2 00 001
Animals With Cameras S2

Wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan and his team place on-board cameras on creatures like sharks, orcas and turtles, allowing us to see inside their private lives and worlds. We’ll follow along with Tasmanian devils and kangaroos, flying foxes and gannets, through the air, ground and forests, as Gordon and his team of experts explain the behaviour we’re seeing.  

Watch from Monday, 8 November on BBC Earth (DStv channel 184) at 19:00 

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Hunting Atlantis Discovery
Hunting Atlantis S1

Fantasy novelist Stel Pavlou teams up with geologist, explorer and environmental scientist “Volcano” Jess Phoenix to explore locations around the world that are rumoured to be the location of Atlantis. They start their hunt in Bulgaria, where evidence of an ancient catastrophe points to a lost city beneath the Black Sea.  

Watch from Saturday, 6 November on Discovery Channel (DStv channel 121) at 20:00  

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A Lie To Die For S1

Some people are guarding lies so devastating they’ll kill to keep their secrets. High school sweethearts Lori and Mark Hacking’s perfect life crumbles when the truth comes out, an embezzler takes over another man’s life and eventually murders him, and the real life NCIS investigates a tale of love and murder. 

Watch from Monday, 8 November on CBS Justice (DStv channel 170) at 21:00  

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Murdertown S3 KA Ver
Murdertown S3

Explore some of Britain’s darkest murder locations. This season host Anita Rani visits Milton Keynes, Wakefield, Wigan, Wishaw, Southampton, Oxford, Lichfield, Leicester, Bath and Whitby on the trail of cases like the murders of Rachel Manning, Wendy Speakes, Zoe Nelson and Louise Sellers. Find out how their killers were eventually found and bought to justice.  

Watch from Wednesday, 10 November on Lifetime (DStv channel 131) at 21:00  

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