DStv’s School of Laughter is the place to be, 8-14 Oct


Brand-new Ben 10 films, new Casagrandes, S4 of Numberblocks & a kid-friendly Halloween stunt this week on DStv School of Laughter

DStv’s School of Laughter is the place to be, 8-14 Oct

Be rest assured that your little ones have a good variety of kids shows to watch this week on DStv.

Two new Ben 10 TV movies, Ben 10: Ben 10.010 and Ben 10 Alien X-tinction on Cartoon Network (DStv channel 301), will kick off the weekend with epic adventures, and on Nickelodeon (DStv channel 305) a new episode of The Casagrandes will have kids laughing all day.

S4 of Numberblocks will teach children more about friendships and the science behind numbers, and with Halloween creeping closer, a kid-friendly Halloween Marathon Stunt will air on Boomerang (DStv channel 302).

Watch, laugh and learn with even more children’s shows and movies on DStv.

Exciting kids entertainment 

Ben10the2016 S3 440X610
Ben 10: Ben 10,010

In a future where an adult Gwen Tennyson is president and the world is being taken over by the alien horde known as the Xerge, a disillusioned Ben 10,000 is called out of retirement to recruit his 10-year-old version from the past. Only together can the battle-worn adult and the impulsive child save a future under siege.

Watch on Saturday, 9 October on Cartoon Network (DStv channel 301) at 10:10

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Ben10the2016 S3 LOGO 1920X1080
Ben 10 Alien X-tinction

Watch on Sunday, 10 October on Cartoon Network (DStv channel 301) at 10:10

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CASA Evergreen Press Artjpg The Casagrandes Seaason 3 Loud House Nickelodeon Nick
The Casagrandes S2

In new episodes of this family friendly kids’ show about the Casagrande family, Ronnie Anne and her cousins hatch a devious plan to have Sid’s Breakfast Robot do all their chores while they have fun and no responsibility.

Watch from Monday, 11 October on Nickelodeon (DStv channel 305) at 15:20 

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Numberblocks S4 

Tune into this animated adventures series for kids about friends known as the Numberblocks who can always count on each other. In S4, the Numberblocks put on a talent show full of number tricks and learn more about the numbers one to 15.

Watch from Monday, 11 October on CBeebies (DStv channel 306) at 16:45

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Also don’t miss: 

Halloween Marathon Stunt on Monday 11 October on Boomerang (DStv channel 302) from 06:50-11:40 Don’t miss this special Halloween-themed marathon of episodes of Mr. Bean: The Animated Series, Masha and The Bear, Mr. Magoo, Looney Tunes Cartoon, Ninja Express and Kikoumba.

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