Daring highlights on DStv Family in September


Surfing lawyers, adventure chefs, storm chasers & haunted asylums – all on DStv Family in September

Daring highlights on DStv Family in September

DStv Family is a thrill ride in September.

Legal drama Diggstown is back reminding us that we can chase our dreams, while reality shows Gordon Ramsay Uncharted, Destination Fear and Storm Rising take us on pulse-pounding journeys in dangerous places.

Looking for more thrills? Dark Tales With Don Wildman explores twisted supernatural tales, and Yianni: Supercar Customizer takes us to the outer limits of car design.

It’s fast, it’s fun, it’s for real, on DStv Family this September.

Go all out with DStv Family!

Diggstown S2

Former corporate lawyer-turned- legal aid lawyer Marcie Diggs (Vinessa Antoine) starts the season with a tricky case involving a fired cop who killed someone with their car. We’ll also see 1 of her S1 clients return, this time on a murder charge!

Watch from Thursday, 30 September on Universal TV (DStv channel 117) at 20:00

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Ep307 Mexico Gordonramsayuncharted 09242 CSI
Gordon Ramsay Uncharted S3 

Adventure chef Gordon Ramsay forages his way across the world, catching rattlesnakes in Texas, rappelling for shrimp in Puerto Rico, wrestling with conga eels in Croatia, scaling cliffs for butterworms in Mexico, and even baking bread in Iceland’s volcanic sands.

Watch from Wednesday, 8 September on National Geographic (DStv channel 181) at 21:00

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Multichoice Poster NG Storms Rising
Storm Rising S1 

Dr. Reed Timmer and weather specialist Mike Theiss risk their lives to collect critical data from the heart of storms in an effort to create a real picture of how recent climate change is driving extreme weather systems.

Watch from Tuesday, 21 September on National Geographic (DStv channel 181) at 21:00

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Dark Tales With Don Wildman
Dark Tales With Don Wildman S1

Each episode, Don (host of Mysteries At The Museum) introduces us to 3 stories of the unpleasant or paranormal from around the world, including the tale of a Southern California man who was meant to bring water to a desert city, but left a valley flooded with corpses.

Watch from Monday, 6 September on Travel Channel (DStv channel 179) at 22:05

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Travel Channel Destination Fear S1
Destination Fear S2

Brother and sister Dakota and Chelsea Laden, their best friend, Tanner, and camera operator, Alex Schroeder, are back on the road confronting their fears in the most haunted locations across the US including Nopeming Sanatorium in Duluth, Minnesota.

Watch from Monday, 27 September on Travel Channel (DStv channel 179) at 22:05

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Supercar Customiser Yianni
Yianni: Supercar Customizer S1

Car customiser Yianni Charalambous is the celebrities’ go-to guy when they want something unique to drive. As this reality series begins, he has under a week to get a high-tech hybrid supercar ready for the road.

Watch from Saturday, 4 September on Ignition (DStv channel 189) at 22:00

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