Binnelanders’ August drama on DStv

Local 10 August 2021

Brandon Samuels on the Binneland board & Delia has a baby onboard!

Binnelanders’ August drama on DStv

Things have been sombre in hospital soapie Binnelanders on kykNET (DStv channel 144) since the death of the beloved veteran actor Ben Kruger in June (although his character Oom Okkie Ferreira is still onscreen until the end of August). And fans have weathered the recent onscreen death of Doc Elana Bester (Ilne Nienaber), too. But August promises entertaining and even joyful new storylines.

In short, Binneland clinic CEO Dr. Conrad Bester (Hykie Berg) takes a bold step by asking his girlfriend, Tracy (Melinda Brink), to move in with him in at the Koster mansion. A new position on the Binneland board opens up and Dr. Brandon Samuels (Zane Meas) might just be the perfect fit. And Delia is set on leaving Pretoria, until it turns out that she is pregnant – and pssst… it may be a Koster baby! And we all know how At (Hans Strydom) feels about family and legacy.

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Taking things to next level

Conrad En Tracy
Naomi (left) and Louis (right) watch as Conrad enters the mansion with Tracy (middle).

Conrad and Tracy’s romance has been on and off, and every time it seems to go smoothly, another issue arises – be it meddling fathers or evil ex-lovers blackmailing for money. But in July, they finally let go of the past and decided to go all out for the love.

In August, Conrad asks Tracy to move in with him in the Koster mansion as he wants to take their relationship to the next level, but Tracy is hesitant. She knows Conrad’s dad, At (who also lives there), doesn’t approve of her and she tells Conrad that she will make the move only if At agrees to it. And to Tracy’s amazement, At welcomes her with open arms and even tells her that he won’t stand in the way of her and Conrad’s happiness. We wonder how long this will last…

Welcome to Binneland clinic 

Conrad Brandon And At
Conrad (right) and At (left) offer Brandon (middle) a seat on the board.

Viewers can look forward to a regular new face joining the Binnelanders cast when Conrad and At offer Dr. Brandon Samuels, nurse Chanel Samuels’s (Lindsey Abrahams) dad, a position on the Binneland board in August. Brandon is a bit unsure at first if this is the best direction to steer his career, seeing as he is well established in Cape Town.

But by the start of September, he will be getting settled in Binneland and opening his practice. It’s not a happy family reunion, though – there is drama coming Chanel’s way and it will have her more than a bit worried.

Is Delia carrying a Koster baby? 

Tertius And Delia
Doc Tertius (Reynardt Hugo, left) is Delia’s (right) only ally when everyone finds out that she is pregnant.

August brings another dramatic curveball to the doctors and staff at Binneland clinic when Delia faints in the halls, and tests confirm that she is pregnant. Binneland Stereo (the gossip chain) is blasting news that Conrad may be the father of her child since they were in a relationship not that long ago.

At is furious when he finds out about Delia’s baby, and wonders whether the dad could be his other son, Malan (Paul du Toit, whose character actually died back in 2015). Remember, Delia had frozen an embryo at Southern Hope Hospital years ago! At confronts Delia to ask whether the baby is Malan’s, but Delia denies it and tells At that embryo was destroyed in the fire that broke out at the Southern Hope lab in 2018. So… who is the ?

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