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Local 14 May 2021

Local flavour is on the menu when the return of Come Dine With Me South Africa starts the BBC channels’ Live Your Fullest Local Life Wednesdays

From May, DStv’s BBC channels aren’t just the home of British TV - you can enjoy some local spice, too!

Starting with the return of Come Dine With Me South Africa on BBC Lifestyle (DStv channel 174) on Wednesday, 5 May, you can tuck into super South African and African series on BBC.

Following Come Dine, BBC will be introducing the brand-new hot property reality series Listing Jozi from Wednesday, 16 June. And later this year, we’ll get the long-awaited premiere season of The Great Kenyan Bake Off (with co-hosts actor Nick Ndeda and singer June Gachui, as well as judges Chef Kiran Jethwa and Myra Kivuvani). Strictly Come Dancing fans should also keep an eye out for South African talent in the brand-new season 19 on BBC Brit (DStv channel 120) when South African stars Oti Mabuse and Johannes Radebe return to put the celebs through their paces, with Oti’s sister, Motsi, on the judging panel. And BBC Brit (DStv channel 120) will also be bringing us the brand-new Oti’s South African Odyssey, in which Oti Mabuse returns to her home country to play tour guide for us around SA, especially her childhood home in Mabopane.

Now read on for more about Come Dine With Me SA and Listing Jozi!

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Welcome back, Come Dine With Me South Africa!

Say goodbye to your sad cup noodles, because you have a date! Starting Wednesday, 5 May, you and sassy series narrator, Dave Lamb, have a weekly invitation to SA’s swankiest dinner parties. In each episode, 4 hosts are pushing out the boat to impress, as each of them in turn throws a 3-course dinner party for the other trio of guests. The menu: 5-star fancy. The ambience: Exquisite. The company: Sublime. But watch those place settings because the knives are being sharpened at the table, since each guest will give the evening a score, and only 1 host can walk away with the best-of-the-best honours… and R10,000 in cash money. Now that’s a delicious dessert! But the tastiest Come Dine With Me dish is, as always, the memes. Because one person’s dinner disaster is another person’s relatable moment.

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Are you next season’s best host?

Entries for S7 of Come Dine With Me South Africa open on Wednesday, 12 May. If you’re aged 18 or older, live in Johannesburg or Cape Town and think you can host a dinner that dazzles, visit for more information on how you could be part of the new season. Entries close on Wednesday, 23 June 2021.

On with the show!

Be our guest

We’ve taken a peek at the menu and here’s what you can expect in this season’s 6 juicy upcoming episodes (spoiler alert, there’s a lot of tiramisu).

Cdwm17dec2021 1762

Episode 1: Ambitious multi-potentialite Amanda preps a daring and spicy seafood-filled menu, but her chocolate dessert is a sink rather than a swim. Spurred on by Amanda, Soweto-based event planner Clarissa’s kasi kitchen aims for Michelin Star excellence. She might miss, but does it matter when it’s served with lashings of charm? Everyone is a critic when financial advisor Leeshan keeps it simple because dude, did you just go to Woolies? And flight attendant Andy, who hasn’t held back on any criticism, might find it’s too hot in the kitchen for her when she serves up a Mexican menu that one well-travelled guest compares unfavourably to the real deal. Wait ’til you see her oh-no nachos! And something that shouldn’t have been tonight’s menu was a challenge to guess one another’s ages. Oh dear.

Cdwm24dec2021 0202

Episode 2: Soft-spoken Tebogo serves up a quiet dinner with spicy, decadent flavour while funnyman Hilton livens up the party. When it’s his turn to host, gadget-obsessed retiree Hilton is confident that he’s serving up 1 of the best meals he’s ever made, including his baked apricot tart. Nick, an accountant by day and Jedi warrior/cool dad by night, turns to his daughter for inspiration for his starter and serves up big flavours (with somewhat iffy presentation) to his party animal guests. And entrepreneur Tonny is dishing up theatrical themed burlesque evening, including a tribute to ’80s TV-character Mina Moo. It’s a night of big parties, bold expressions and grand ambitions.

CDMW 30Jan2021 5D 0692 (1)

Episode 3: Debra’s plans for an elegant evening take a giant swerve when 1 guest doesn’t care for her secret ingredient, dog hair, and the main course turns tricky. You won’t find hair or dirt at germaphobe HR manager Mmabatho’s table but when guests inspect their dinners, they might wonder if her kitchen is so sparkling clean because she didn’t cook in it. Do we have another Woolies warrior on our hands? Trainee surgeon Dr. Phil isn’t making the same mistake, he’s pushing out the boat with 100% homemade dishes, including a boozy tiramisu. And choreographer Bailey is hoping that his spices and flavours will blow his guests away, but will he run into trouble with guests who’ve not been the best of friends all week?

CDWM 7Feb2021 Portraits 0133

Episode 4: Student-slash-entrepreneur Cherish has big dreams and while his inexperience in the kitchen shows, he knows how to dish up a tasty story. Teetotaller marketing and comms officer Pauline gets kneecapped by an unco-operative panna cotta (tricky little devils), and HR manager and formula 1 racing fanatic Tumang’s menu and conversation seems to be a big miss, until he cracks out a cheesecake that has guests doing the Oliver Twist for seconds. Bubbly events planner Masana is easy breezy in the kitchen and Cherish livens up the night, too, when he arrives in a pink frock. Dress to impress, baby!

CDWM 14Feb2021 Portraits 0061

Episode 5: Fourways boet Nkululeko is in a pickle when the only thing he can serve teetotaller Lorraine is tap water! And his dinner is in trouble, too, when his tiramisu doesn’t cut the mustard. Security manager Big Andy is going big on flavour with South African favourites like beer bread, but he has a picky crowd on his hands. Housewife and food blogger Lorraine serves up Instagram-ready dishes and a crowd-pleasing night, but is the flavour there? And when it’s Stacey’s turn to host, she warns her guests that she won’t just lick her plate if she gets tipsy. Yikes! Good thing her delicious menu will keep everyone else’s mouths busy.

Cdwm13dec2020 1234

Episode 6: Andrew is the only guy in this group and his taste in meat might prove too rare for his guests. Accounting teacher Miss Nicole is aiming for simple but perfect, and her balance sheet for the night seems on-point. Aspiring actress and TV presenter Makoto is a lively hostess, but 1 guest is all too ready to pounce on her overcooked salmon and minty malva pudd. And look out, Miss Nicole, because fellow accountant Dominique is trying to live up to her whip-cracking nickname, “dominatrix” and she’ll also be challenging Andrew for the best tiramisu title.

Watch Come Dine With Me South Africa S6B from Wednesday, 5 May on BBC Lifestyle (DStv channel 174) at 20:00

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