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Which #The Bala Family sibling are you?

08 June 2023
Are you Pinky, Zwai, Loyiso or Phelo Bala?
The Bala family on Mzansi Magic

We love the Bala siblings, all different and unique. Each one has a respectable journey and path, and we admire how much they remain united despite their differences.

Whether you are the leader, the peacemaker, or the glue that holds it all together in your family, Mzansi can relate to at least one of the siblings. 

Which one are you? 

A. Pinky Bala

You are very nurturing and often sacrifice yourself so others don't go without. You maintain peace between your siblings, however, if necessary you will rule with an iron fist to give your siblings tough love. 

B. Zwai Bala

You are very opinionated and people often identify you as a leader as you have broken many barriers for your siblings. You're loyal to your day ones and would move heaven and earth for them regardless of whether you see eye to eye.  

C. Loyiso Bala

You're often seen as the gentle giant because you're very strong willed, yet you avoid conflict by any means neccesary. You have a lot of depth and wisdom so people often seek counsel from you. Your siblings often describe you as the peace maker. 

D. Phelo Bala

You're very opinionated, however you don't impose your views on others. You are always on the journey to self discovery and have wit and tenacity that opens a lot of doors for you. You don't let setbacks keep you down and you own your throne. 

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