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Day 52: Why Yolanda couldn't freeze – BBMzansi

13 March 2024
An emotional diary session.
A girl screaming

This morning, Yolanda received a punishment from Biggie that muted her for a day and gave her a white board to communicate. This was for failing to freeze when her mom came for a vist yesterday. As she poured her heart out in the diary room today, Yolanda revealed the complex web of reasons why she couldn't freeze when faced with this emotionally charged moment. She did speak the punishment into existence, though, and Twitter has not forgotten. 

When Yolanda was confronted with the sight of her mother, she screamed out her joy. Living far from her mother in Venda, Yolanda confessed to rarely seeing her throughout the year. The distance, coupled with her mother's shyness, led her to believe that their paths might not cross during her time on the show. The mere sight of her mother felt surreal, as if she were living in a dream that she couldn't shake off.

Yolanda's emotional turmoil was also fueled by her deep-seated worries about her mother's well-being in her absence. Having taken on the responsibility of caring for her mother, Yolanda felt the weight of her absence keenly. Her mother's resilience in the face of adversity, particularly after her father's passing, served as a reminder of the sacrifices she had made for her family. 

Watch yesterday's visits: 

Reflecting on her upbringing, Yolanda shared intimate details of her family dynamics, revealing her father's dual role as a devoted father and a flawed husband. Despite the challenges they faced, Yolanda's mother instilled in her a love for fashion and city life, shaping her identity in profound ways.

Yolanda's encounter with her mother also shed light on her perceptions of her fellow housemate's family connections. From Willy's mother's warmth to Mpumi's mother's intimidating presence, each interaction offered a glimpse into the diverse tapestry of familial bonds within the house.

However, amidst the emotional turmoil, Yolanda grappled with a sense of injustice as she found herself muted by Biggy. Accustomed to expressing herself freely, Yolanda felt silenced and hurt by this unexpected punishment. The house clapped hands when PapaGhost read the brief of the punishment, and Zee has been having fun with a mute Yolanda. 

She has already expressed her desire that they refrain from excessive celebration regarding her muteness. Do you think she will return as if she never left?

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