Isibaya: Inkosi ikhotheme

27 January 2016
Isibaya: Inkosi ikhotheme Image : 796
Bhekifa was never going to go down without a fight. When all his men turned their backs on him, his son sold him out and left him all alone. The will to defeat Zungu - and avenge his problematic love of Qondi – seemed to have kept him going. Going strong enough to enter the last leg of a war with his ultimate rival.

But a desperate man makes bad choices and the chief was no different. Losing his power and influence at the speed of lightening, he ran to Sunday Nkabinde – the baddest sorcerer to come out of eBhubesini – for a potion that would send his might surging like that of a lion.

Power games

This kind of strength doesn’t come cheap with Nkabinde. Concocting the unimaginable was down right expensive and it cost the chief even more to make his wishes come true. But no price was too high. The sangoma placed Qondi under his spell, lured her into his lair of witchcraft and worked his magic.


In the end however, Bhekifa’s luck ran out. Not only did Nkabinde flee on the moment bullets started flying but, in a cunning reversal of chance, karma led Bhekifa to the very bomb device under which he had held Qondi hostage.

Raze to the ground

The rest however, is history as it still unfolds. Will the elaborate truth behind his assassination ever come out?

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