All your curiosity rewarded with new doccies on DStv this week

All your curiosity rewarded with new doccies on DStv this week

Highlights 18 March 2021

A Holocaust heroine remembered, life below zero cracks on in Alaska while there’s Asia’s rich wildlife and more evil murderers to investigate.

All your curiosity rewarded with new doccies on DStv this week

History Channel’s (DStv channel 186) WW2 Holocaust Nights continue with the special airing of the Oscar-winning 1995 documentary that brought Anne Frank and her incredible story to life so hauntingly. If any single person was to be considered the face of the Holocaust, it would undoubtedly be that of the young, brave and bright Anne Frank. “I don’t want to have lived in vain like most people. I want to go on living, even after my death,” she wrote in her diary – words that proved to be more prophetic than she could ever have imagined.

Brand-new on Curiosity Channel (DStv channel 185) for Super Science Mondays, Science Shorts offers up bite-sized pieces of mind-blowing information on all the latest discoveries from around the world. From astronomy to literature and technology to biology, Science Shorts will have viewers in awe at the beauty and complexity of our universe.

Also new to Curiosity Channel (DStv channel 185), Wild Summer School premieres as part of the channel’s Wildlife Wednesdays. And school is definitely in when it comes to the little ones in the animal kingdom during summer. For humans, summer means a carefree time of playing and exploring with friends, but the arrival of new-born animals in early summer is a crucial time to learn how to survive in a dangerous new world.

True crime fans can catch the brand-new season of the World’s Most Evil Killers on CBS Justice (DStv channel 170) from Monday at 19:00. This fan-favourite series is renowned for its gripping coverage of the chilling crimes of some of the most terrifying murderers in history and Season 5 promises to be no exception. Episode one, airing on Monday, focuses on the shocking and senseless family murderer, Phillip Austin.

“A bunch of people addicted to the adversity of life (in Alaska)” – a quote that perfectly sums up the cast of the hit reality series Life Below Zero, which recently celebrated the airing of its landmark 150th episode. Eight years after its first episode aired, and five Emmy wins later, Season 8 makes its way to our screens on BBC Earth (DStv channel 184) this Sunday. It joins our intrepid Alaskans as winter once again prepares to take them in its icy grip.

Anne Frank Remembered 2 Jpg
Ann Frank Remembered

Featuring the voices of Glenn Close and Kenneth Branagh, this Academy Award-winning documentary brings touching humanity to the tale of German-born Ann Frank. She famously captured the hearts of the world with her surprisingly insightful daily musings recorded in her faithful diary while hiding in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam. Through rare archival footage and interviews with close friends and remaining family, viewers are offered a glimpse of the girl behind the symbol, of her daily life in the cramped quarters where she eked out a living with six others before her disastrous discovery and ultimate death in the infamous Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

Sunday, 21 March, on History (DStv channel 186) at 20:15

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Asias Wild Secrets (1)
Asia's Wild Secrets

Bringing the best in armchair travel to your screens, Asia’s Wild Secrets is a brand-new breathtaking series that will allow nature lovers the world over to appreciate the unique orchestra of Asia. From elusive snow leopards hunting down their prey in the snowy Himalayan mountains to tigers fighting for their kingdoms in the forest reserves of India, this three-part series brings to light the best-kept secrets of the largest continent’s iconic animal kingdom.

Sunday, 21 March, on Nat Geo Wild (DStv channel 182) at 18:00

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Scienceshorts Img1
Science Shorts

Brief yet powerfully informative, Science Shorts on Super Science Monday are perfect for those who prefer to receive their information in small doses. This week’s episodes feature interesting new poetry fragments that are being attributed to the lyrical poet, Sappho, exciting new developments in nanotechnology and the promise of regained sight and what it can hold for sufferers of retinal degeneration. It also looks at a new study that turns everything we thought we knew about how babies develop in the womb on its head.

Monday, 22 March. on Curiosity Channel (DStv channel 185) 21:00

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Wildsummerschool 1920X1080
Wild Summer School

Graduating from Summer School means that these newborn baby animals have the best chance of surviving a dangerous world. From jungles to beaches, grasslands to ice fields, Wild Summer School’s sweeping visuals take viewers on a journey to see first-hand the trials and tribulations faced by the newest members of the animal kingdom. Whether they make their way alongside a caring mother as part of a pack or on their own, Wild Summer School brings their life lessons to our screens.

Wednesday, 24 March, on Curiosity Channel (DStv channel 185) 20:00

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Worlds Most Evil Killers S5
World’s Most Evil Killers S5

Season 5 kicks off with the shocking case of Phillip Austin’s triple-murder of his wife and two children in July 2000, a heartbreaking case that stunned the world. Austin has spent the past 20 years in jail serving out his sentence, but with his parole date fast approaching, his mother-in-law, Carol Quinn, is adamant that her daughter and grandchildren’s murderer should never be released.

Monday, 22 March, on CBS Justice (DStv channel 170) at 19:00

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Life Below Zero Keyart 001
Life Below Zero S8

In Episode One of the new season, titled "Brink Of Winter", the intrepid Alaskans are making crucial preparations for the fast-approaching and unforgiving Arctic winter. In Sue Aikins’ case, this means the last chance to hunt caribou before they leave the tundra, while Jessie Holmes sets off on a scouting mission on his new property to look for possible hunting grounds.

Sunday, 21 March, on BBC Earth (DStv channel 184) at 19:00

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