Welcome to the world of BET’s (DStv 129) first-ever South African Telenovela, Isono

Welcome to the twisted world of Isono

Local 11 June 2020

With one hand raised in prayer and the other hiding a knife, Mary is one of SA’s most dangerous crime bosses in the brand-new BET (DStv 128) telenovela, Isono

The most-anticipated telenovela for 2020 is back in the studio, back in business, and coming your way from Monday, 28 September, on BET (DStv 129) at 21:30. Isono (The Sin) is about the masks we wear and the secrets they hide. Mary Ndlovu (Nthati Moshesh) has the most impenetrable mask of all – a triple one of motherhood, piety and charity.

“Mother Mary” founded and runs the House Of Grace taking in unwanted, at-risk and delinquent children and giving them a stable home and an education. Mary dresses impeccably, holds herself with pride and attends church regularly. You’d never connect her with the notorious, shadowy East Rand crime boss, Voster. But her son, Gabriel (Bohang Moeko), would…

Mother hood

Gabriel is 26 years old and is Mary’s favourite from her three children – and the one who sees her the most clearly. He knows where the bodies are buried, quite literally. He’s the oldest of her two adopted kids and her right hand. She might even place Gabriel above her musically gifted biological daughter, 22-year-old Esther (Didintle Khunou, 2019 winner of the Naledi Theatre Award).

Esther is beginning to run off the rails. Her music career has stalled and she’s drugging her pain away. Meanwhile, their troubled and talented 18-year-old brother, Simon (Tokollo TK Sebothoma), is devoted to his mother and still seemingly blind to her faults.

Gabriel has been raised hearing one thing and seeing another. He’s aware of Mary’s plotting, extortion, child trafficking, fraud and murder, and more than aware of how much she loves being worshipped at all the awards ceremonies honouring her work in the community. While Gabriel is conscious of the great debt he owes Mary for taking him in as her own son, he is longing to escape her shadow and go out in the world to do some real good.

Brother...and lover

Gabriel’s world will be turned upside down by the return of a former House Of Grace child, 25-year-old Abednego (Senzo Radebe). Ten years ago, he ran away after his love affair with Gabriel was discovered. Now he’s grown and changed, and the man coming back into their lives has become a violent and amoral criminal. While Gabriel might be wrestling with both doubt and hope, Mary sees opportunity. Gabriel and Abednego would be the perfect undercover assets to infiltrate a rival crime ring.

The big questions Isono asks are, can Gabriel ever find the strength to escape his mother’s clutches and stand up against her and what does it take to take to convince the world that a beloved and heroic figure in their midst has been a monster all along? It’s a twisted tale of true love, deadly secrets, tragedy, brotherhood, sacrifice and betrayal.

Sinning and winning

Isono is filled with captivating characters and performers, including beloved actress Rami Chuene playing the eccentric gossipmonger and conspiracy theorist, Jumuma or Ms Juju. And we can’t wait to watch!

“Africans are among the most passionate and dedicated viewers of daily dramas. We are proud to be able to contribute to this rich culture of authentic local storytelling. Isono features an award-winning cast who deliver an edgy storyline that is set to resonate with local viewers. The daily BET original production will inspire, vividly entertain, intrigue and also educate audiences with surprising twists and unexpected cliffhangers,” says Monde Twala, Senior Vice-President and General Manager, Editorial for ViacomCBS Networks Africa.

Clive Morris, founder and CEO of CMP, Isono’s producers, adds, “We’ve been knocking on this co-producing door for some time now and it’s wonderful to see it swing wide open with BET.  It is a maturing of our industry. It’s a privilege that BET Africa partnered with us to bring their very first telenovela to life. Developing young black talent is one of my passions and this project has enabled that in a big way. I watch with pride as new voices are breaking free and taking their gifts of storytelling to the world.

"Our COO, Khaylihle Dom Gumede, and MD, Lala Tuku, are working tirelessly behind the scenes to raise the bar with Isono and we believe that with the dynamic, talented cast and crew, this show will be a trendsetter.”

Get in on the action

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This means that more valued DStv customers can enjoy the start of this new hit show. Watch BET (DStv 129) from 28 September.

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Watch Isono Mon-Thu from Monday, 28 September, on BET (DStv 129) at 21:30

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