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Highlights 15 June 2022

Lose yourself in our world of crime shows, from scripted dramas to stories so shocking we couldn’t possibly make them up.

Couch investigators are in for a treat with our scripted and true crime shows coming up - so make sure to clear your schedule and indulge your guilty pleasure. Set your recordings, stream on the DStv App or tune in to your favourite channels - but whatever you do, don’t miss out.

What to look forward to:

Descent Of A Serial Killer S1

While criminology professor and former FBI agent Dr Bryanna Fox outlines a variety of serial killers early warning signs throughout true crime series Descent Of a Serial Killer, she warns that stopping killers before they start isn’t a job for police with bigger guns and more vehicles and fancier computer systems than kiddie series Paw Patrol. It’ll take a human touch, and one thing that most serial killers lack – empathy.

Descent of a Serial Killer S1 starts 3 July at 20:00 on CBS Justice (DStv Channel 170)

Outopsie S1

In each episode, the forensic pathologist Hestelle van Staden takes viewers through the details of a forensic report and – from there – going deeper into the case to uncover what happened.

Outopsie S1 starts on 2 June at 20:00 on VIA (DStv Channel 147)

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Twisted Killers S1

The most baffling cases. The most bizarre killers. What drives acts of evil? Twisted Killers tells the shocking stories of some of America's darkest, most unusual murderers.

Twisted Killers S1 starts 6 June at 20:40 on CBS Justice (DStv Channel 170)

Anni: The Honeymoon Murder

British true crime documentary mini-series following the family of Anni Dewani as they hunt for the truth behind her mysterious murder while on honeymoon in South Africa in 2010.

Anni: The Honeymoon Murder starts 10 June at 21:00 on ID (DStv Channel 171)

The Staircase S1

The high-profile murder trial of American novelist Michael Peterson following the death of his wife in 2001.

The Staircase S1 starts 27 June at 21:30 on M-Net (DStv Channel 101)

Mark of a Serial Killer S3

Each episode delves into a different case involving a serial killer's signature, featuring first-hand accounts from the detectives involved as well as interviews with criminal psychology experts and those close to the victims.

Mark of a Serial Killer S3 starts 20 June at 19:00 on CBS Justice (DStv Channel 170)

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Shakespeare And Hathaway S4

Shakespear and Hathaway S4

From suspected ghosts to the torrid world of Shakespearian escorts, not to mention the fiendish passions and bitter rivalries of ballroom dancing and a dastardly plot to sabotage Christmas, it’s business as usual for the debt-laden ex-policeman and his much more credible partner-in-crime.

Shakespear and Hathaway S4 starts 4 July at 20:00 on BBC Brit (DStv Channel 120)

Death in Paradise S11

Neville and Florence’s will they or won’t they love story have kept us glued to our screens. Will this be the season for them to throw caution to the wind and take the leap?

Death in Paradise S11 starts 6 June at 20:00 on BBC Brit (DStv Channel 120)

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Hudson and Rex S4

In the season premiere, two hikers are found dead near a remote trail, leading to a hunt for a fugitive duo wanted for a series of campsite murders. Will everyone’s favourite detective duo crack the case?

Hudson and Rex S4 starts 14 June at 20:00 on Universal TV (DStv Channel 117)

Private Eyes S4

Private Eyes S4

Who is Shade’s newly revealed daughter and what does this mean for her mother, an old flame who is suddenly back in his life?

Private Eyes S4 starts 8 July at 20:00 on Universal TV (DStv Channel 117)

Law and Order: SVU S23

This fan favourite is back for a whopping 23rd season and promises not to disappoint loyal and new fans.

As the investigation into a sex-for-housing scheme expands, Benson's loyalty to Garland is tested. Rollins and Carisi try to keep their witnesses on board when a powerful congressman is identified as a suspect.

Law and Order: SVU S23 starts 22 July on Universal TV (DStv Channel 117)

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I Went Undercover

Undercover work is the most exciting, but risky part of law enforcement. However, when everyday citizens with no formal training go undercover, anything can happen. Doing the right thing has never been more dangerous

I Went Undercover starts 23 July on ID (DStv Channel 171)

Murder in the Heartland S4

Set in Middle America, the townspeople not only become storytellers, they also hold clues to the puzzle that forever changed their lives.

Murder in the Heartland S4 starts on 8 June at 21:00 on ID (DStv Channel 171)

American Monster 16X9 TITLE

American Monster S7

True Conviction explores how homicides are solved on the street and won in the courtroom.

American Monster S7 starts on 13 June at 21:00 on ID (DStv Channel 171)

Evil Lives Here S7

People recount their harrowing true stories about living side-by-side with sociopathic friends or family who go on to commit heinous crimes.

Evil Lives Here S7 starts on 12 July at 21:00 on ID (DStv Channel 171)

Evil Lives Here: Shadows of Death

People tell heart-stopping stories of sharing their homes with loved ones who would become killers.

Evil Lives Here: Shadows of Death on ID (DStv Channel 171)

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Law and Order S21

Lives hang in the balance as detectives and prosecutors pursue justice in New York City. In cases ripped from the headlines, police investigate serious and often deadly crimes, weighing the evidence and questioning the suspects until someone is taken into custody.

Law and Order S21 starts 23 June at 19:30 on M-Net (DStv Channel 101)


A high profile murder case captures the attention of the world's media and the general public alike - Throwing Cleo Roberts, a once high flying solicitor defending the chief suspect, back in to the spotlight.

Showtrail starts 20 July on M-Net (DStv Channel 101)

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