We’re going to need more wine for The River’s Amamemes

Local 01 December 2020

If there’s a meme that best describes Tumi’s emotionally taxing year on The River, it’s this one right here! Our girl needs a whine and wine break

DStv’s Amamemes are perfect for summing up an entire year of drama in just one gif. Could anything be more necessary in 2020?

Just look at what’s been happening to The River’s former-car-mechanic-turned-mining-exec Tumi Mokoena (Larona Moagi). Every time she thought that her rollercoaster year couldn’t get any worse, she’s been thrown for another death-defying loop.

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How the chaos erupted

Recently, Tumi’s ex-husband Lindani (Lunga Tshabalala) was eavesdropping on her conversation with her murderous fiancé, Mabutho (Thembinkosi Mthembu) – who happens to be Lindani’s cousin – and Tumi confessed to accidentally killing her half-sister, Mbali (Zenokuhle Maseko), earlier this year.

Instead of walking away and pretending as if he didn’t hear a thing, Lindani threatened to expose Tumi’s secret. In his defence, Lindani is still hurting from the sudden divorce and he’s still trying to wrap his head around the fact that Tumi left him for his cousin. Seeing that Lindani has absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain from Tumi’s downfall, Mabutho confronted and shot Lindani in the chest. However, Lindani fought back and shot Mabutho in the chest too.

Now, Tumi is on bended knees praying that Mabutho survives the attack. As for Lindani, she hopes that he dies, really. The truth is, Lindani has a bone to pick with her and the best way to keep her secret hidden is if he is six feet under. Too. Much. Drama.

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The revenge plot that backfired

Tumi’s family is still unaware that she’s behind Mbali’s murder. Tumi wanted to get back at her evil biological mother, Lindiwe (Sindi Dlathu). So she snuck into Lindiwe’s garage and tampered with the brakes of Lindiwe’s sports car. But during an explosive argument with Lindiwe, Mbali stole the keys, drove off and while on her way to meet Tumi, the teen lost control of the vehicle and was declared dead at the scene – an incident that still haunts Tumi.

“Not a day goes by without me thinking about what I did. Every night before I go to sleep, I have to deal with the fact that I killed my sister. I was on the phone with her [Mbali] when she had the accident. I just remember her crying and screaming for help,” says Tumi while trying to convince Lindani not to expose her.

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Hiding in plain sight

After Mbali’s funeral, Lindiwe and Tumi made amends and the latter moved into Lindiwe’s mansion. Within days, the women resolved their conflict and Lindiwe apologised to Tumi for first, abandoning her as a newborn, and then, of course, trying to bury her alive in 2018. Talk about drama!

With that said, Tumi won’t allow Lindani to destroy the bond that she’s built with Lindiwe. Not after everything the mother and daughter have been through, which leaves Tumi with no option than to get rid of Lindani. Simple. Meanwhile, the angel on Tumi’s shoulder is like…

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Walking on eggshells

With her fate uncertain, Tumi is on edge. She is fully aware that Lindiwe could easily discover that she killed Lindiwe’s daughter, Mbali. In essence, Tumi’s life depends on Lindani, as until now, Mabutho has hidden the secret. Lindani is fighting for his life in hospital, only time will tell whether he’ll live to ruin Tumi’s life. If Tumi thought Lindiwe burying her alive was suffering, baby, just you wait.

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In conclusion…

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