Crushes & crushing it: Thato in the House!

Local 31 March 2022

TikTok, the clock runs down for Thato. Now she talks about falling for Tulz… then Libo… then Gash1 in the Biggie House

Crushes & crushing it: Thato in the House!

In less than a week, host Lawrence Maleka will announce the winner of Big Brother Mzansi Season 3. There are now 5 contestants remaining in the House, and viewers all over the country are voting for their favourite Housemate to win the R2 million cash prize.

3 Housemates just didn't make it across the line, though. In the 9th Sunday live eviction ceremony, they were eliminated and among them was 28-year-old accountant and TikToker Thato Mokoena. Apart from the friendships that she forged on the reality show, Thato fell in love with Gash1 and she can’t wait for the finale to reunite with him. “I’m proud of the game that I played. I wasn’t trying to outperform any of the Housemates but rather, I formed bonds and remained true to my character,” explains Thato, adding “I entered Big Brother Mzansi to showcase my talents as a dancer and actress. Although I didn’t win the R2 million, I showed the world who I am.”

In the interview below, Thato reveals that she left the Big Brother House as the best version of herself.

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Thato wins love

What did you notice about the Housemates when you first met them and how did their personalities help you strategize?

“When I walked into the House, I realised that most of the Housemates wanted to be in the entertainment industry, which meant that they had big egos – and would seek attention. In my gameplay, I ensured that I didn’t take up a lot of room so that I didn’t pose as a threat. I remained calm and allowed them room to talk about themselves while I was in the background, plotting.”

What did you learn about yourself in the Big Brother Mzansi House?

“Before I entered Biggie’s House, I thought that I wasn’t affectionate, and I wasn’t one to make new friends easily. I also had my guard up, I was slow to trust people and if someone was against me, I would avoid them. An instance is when I was tasked to work with Terry. I knew that she wasn't fond of me, for whatever reason, but I put my feelings aside and completed the task. On the “outside”, I would’ve refused to work with her but in the House, I learnt to be logical rather than think with my emotions.”

How would you describe your Big Brother Mzansi journey?

“I was too honest with my gameplan. Sure, there were elements of strategy, here and there, but I was never malicious. I realised that most of the Housemates were scheming and [backstabbing], whereas I played with my heart. In hindsight, I’m pleased with the game I played, and I wouldn’t change anything about my experience in the House.”

Now that you’re out of the House, who do you think has the best chances of winning?

“I’d like Gash1 to win, and it isn’t because he is my lover [Laughs]. It’s because he is true to himself even when it’s not favourable among the Housemates. Gash1 played a fair game but maybe my decision is biased. On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind if Mphowabadimo won. I would like to see a woman come out on top.”

Speaking of Gash1, how did your friendship blossom into a romantic relationship?

“At first, I was drawn to Tulz because on the outside, that’s the type of man I go for: tall, dark and handsome. Then I had a crush on Libo – for all of two days. It was difficult connecting with any of the men on a deeper level until I started having conversations with Gash1. Whenever we would chat, I found myself falling for him. He is a good listener, he’s also an intellectual, and it doesn’t hurt that he is good looking. Our friendship gradually developed into care and, eventually, love. Once he leaves the House, we’ll start having conversations about a future together.”

What about your career plans, what are your goals?

“I am ready, prepared, willing and able to be a choreographer and actress. I love the arts and I will continue filming skits for TikTok.”

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