Dinkybliss bows out of Big Brother Mzansi

Local 22 February 2022

Dinkybliss discusses her time in the Big Brother House season 3 following her eviction.

Dinkybliss bows out of Big Brother Mzansi

In the first Sunday live eviction of Big Brother Mzansi, 2 Housemates – Dinkybliss and Mvelo – were eliminated, sending shockwaves through the socials.

First on the chopping block was 29-year-old fashion lover Rethabile Potsane, better known as Dinkybliss. Like a Real Housewives castmate, she has a tagline: “I’m D-I-N-K-Y, the mover, the shaker, the vibe creator, Terminator, and I am the master of destruction.” And she definitely lived up to her catchphrase as Dinkybliss was never afraid to voice her opinions, she was always caught in some sort of drama, and she was the life of the party.

We caught up with ever-so bubbly Dinkybliss following her eviction to find out what’s next on the cards for her. “It’s not a train smash that I was the first to leave. When I entered, I was aware that there is going to be 1 winner and it’s not me – and I’m okay with that,” says Dinkybliss.

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8 questions with Dinkybliss

So, you’re a Big Brother superfan?

“Definitely. I’ve always wanted to enter the reality show. At some point I considered visiting Nigeria to enter Big Brother Naija. When Big Brother Mzansi first aired in 2014, I was still young, and I didn’t fully understand what the show was about. I prayed about entering, I’ve manifested it and I was 1 of those Twitter users who would ask people when Big Brother Mzansi was going to return. Then, last year, I saw the call for auditions, and I entered. And I must say, all my expectations were met.”

How did your loved ones react when you told them that you were going to be in the Big Brother Mzansi house?

“We weren’t allowed to disclose that we were Housemates, as it would kill the excitement. I only told my mom and I sat her down to explain that if she heard or saw any negative comments about me, she should brush it off. With some of my family members, I told them that I was going to a “place” that would change my life and they gave me their blessings.”

What did you learn about yourself in the Big Brother Mzansi house?

“Being in a house, with strangers, where we were separated from the world, and I couldn’t watch my favourite soapies was a challenge. I learnt that I actually enjoy going to the gym. At times I surprised myself during the exercises and activities.”

Do you have a highlight?

“During the first few days we were told to introduce ourselves and we all shared our past traumas. I was shocked that I wasn’t the only person with problems and that some of the Housemate’s traumas were bigger than mine. I also enjoyed the Diary Sessions with Biggie. It was comforting having someone neutral to talk to. Biggie was my safe space, and I could always unpack my emotions and thoughts with him.”

Who did you gravitate towards?

“Themba. He reminds me of a cousin of mine. They are smart and funny. In him, I saw a brother. We had our laughs and I know that he was gunning for the R2 million.”

Did you have a strategy to win?

“It might sound cliché, but I wanted to be myself. That is what I did. It was hard for people to read because my stay was short-lived and in the first stay it’s getting to know each other. When I was nominated, I started to loosen up.”

What was your reaction after you were nominated?

“I saw it coming. The day before the nomination, I clashed with Tulz. I did not like what he did at that time, and I confronted him immediately. He started shouting and I also said some unkind words. Soon after, I became the villain of the house. I don’t have any hard feelings and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for me.”

What are your plans for the future?

“I’m passionate about TV hosting and growing my [fashion and accessory] business. I’m going to knock on doors and take every opportunity I get. I believe that I belong in the entertainment industry.”

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