Big Brother gives the goddess of love the cold shoulder

Local 17 March 2022

Venus faces the music as Big Brother Mzansi pulls the plug, and talks about men, kisses and playing games

Big Brother gives the goddess of love the cold shoulder

The race to the Top 5 continues in Big Brother Mzansi Season 3, and in another surprise twist, Biggie sent 2 more Housemates packing at the 7th Sunday live eviction: musician Thobeka Mtshali, also known as Venus, and model Naledi “Nale” Mogadime.

During her time in the House, 25-year-old Venus formed friendships with most of the Housemates and she also shared several kisses with 2 hunks: Housemates B.U. and Themba. But Venus points out that her connections with both men weren’t serious as “there was nothing romantic. I was just getting to know them.”

We caught up with Venus following her eviction to discuss her entanglements with B.U. and Themba, as well as her experience in Big Brother Mzansi.

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The seduction of Venus

What’s the first thing that you’re going to do when you get home? 

“The first thing that I will do is hug my daughter and fully embrace her. I’d also like to return to the studio and start working on my music again. Basically, I’m going back to my life.”

Why were surprised that Thato nominated you?

“I didn’t see it coming. Call it a hunch or what, but there were certain moments that I would predict or foresee and Thato putting me on the chopping black wasn’t one of them. I was completely blindsided [because we had an alliance].”

Tell us about your relationship with Themba? How did you get close to him and where does the relationship stand?

“I wouldn’t go as far as calling it a relationship but rather, we had an interaction. From day 1, I expressed that I wasn’t looking for a relationship. Of course, I was interested in getting to know each of the Housemates but not on a romantic level. I spent more time with Themba [and I kissed him], and by [avoiding] to label our interaction, I had leverage to walk away from [him] at any point.”

Before B.U. was evicted, you had a connection with him too. Where does that stand now? 

“Well, I haven’t spoken to B.U. since my eviction. Even with that, he has his own perspective, and he can make his own decision [and if he wants to reach out to me, he’ll do so]. So, there is no actual standing with him.”

If you could, what would you do differently in the House?

“I would have kept all my interactions strictly platonic. I would’ve put [Themba and B.U.] in the friendzone. At the same time, I didn’t send any mixed signals to the men who expressed their interest in me. I made it clear that I wasn’t looking for a love connection. In my diary sessions, I went as far as telling Biggie that I’m not looking towards holding hands and riding off into the sunset with anyone in the House. I believe that had I arrived at the House as a man, and played the same game as I did, I wouldn’t be receiving as much criticism [from viewers]. Nevertheless, I played a good game.”

What did you learn about yourself?

“I don’t overanalyse everything. I understood that everything that took place in the House was that a moment which happened in the Big Brother Mzansi House. I didn’t take [the clashes with the Housemates] to heart because I understood that there was life outside of the reality show.”

What are your plans now that you’re out of the house?

“I want to pursue my music career aggressively. I’m a musician and music is what I see myself doing for a long time. I don’t get bored of playing my guitar, singing and creating beats. That’s what I’ll continue to do.”

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