Zino says goodbye to Big Brother Mzansi

Local 22 February 2022

Zino lifts the lid on his Big Brother Mzansi journey, turning 22 in the House, and his Biggie BFFs

Zino says goodbye to Big Brother Mzansi

In an unexpected double eviction, 2 Housemates were given the boot at the 4th Sunday live elimination ceremony in Big Brother Mzansi on Sunday, 20 February.

First to leave the House was the baby of the group, Adindu “Zino” Asuzu, and just when the Housemates thought that they would be able to call it a night, host Lawrence Maleka revealed that Luthando “B.U.” Mthembu was also being evicted.

As the youngest, Zino was reserved when he first arrived in the House, and it took him a while to get acquainted with his Housemates. Gradually, he blossomed in front of Biggie fans’ eyes as he came out of his shell, and he formed several friendships in the House.

What makes Zino’s time special in the House is that he got to celebrate his 22nd birthday with his new Biggie BFFs just a day before he left. What a memory to make! “With me, what you see is what you get. I was 100% myself and I wouldn’t change my experience. I’m happy with the way in which I portrayed myself and I have absolutely no regrets,” insists Zino, adding, “I have played the game the way I intended.”

Read on as Zino discusses his Big Brother Mzansi journey and his friendship with Yoli.

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Catching up with Zino

You were the baby of the House. Did you ever feel younger than everyone else?

“At the start of the competition, definitely. I was intimidated [by the other Housemates] but eventually it got easier to talk to everyone and my age was no longer a factor.”

How did your loved ones react to you joining Big Brother Mzansi?

“My dad was proud of me, and we aren’t even close as we don’t speak much. It was a beautiful moment seeing him excited. He was glad that I was going to put myself out there for the world to see and having my dad by my side, cheering me on, was an amazing feeling.”

You formed an unlikely friendship with Terry at the start of the show. How did you get close to her?

“Terry and I understand each other in every aspect. We’re both funny and we just got each other. We were both sleeping at the top floor of the beds, so that drove us even closer.”

How did you get so close to Yoli?

“We have a good relationship because we have a lot in common. The first time we spoke was through Norman, and I just remember clicking with her immediately. Throughout my stay in the House, she acted like an older sister to me, and I believe that after the show, we will remain in contact and probably get even closer. I’m definitely going to see Yoli more. She is someone who I want to keep in my life forever.”

Why do you think Gash1 nominated you for elimination?

“Firstly, I saw it coming. Gash1 had a plot to get me out of the House, and Libo told me about it before it transpired, so I wasn’t shocked when I learnt that I was nominated. Gash1 also mentioned that because I’m quiet and the remaining Housemates are drawn to my personality, I was likely to head into the finals. He was threatened by me and that’s why he put me on the chopping block.”

Describe your reaction after you were evicted.

“I was surprised and leaving the House hurt. At the same time, getting evicted meant that the world was ready for me, and I needed to push through. It’s a privilege to have joined Big Brother Mzansi in the first place.”

What did you learn about yourself while you were in the House?

“I’m sensitive and I’m a bit of a softie. I’m also someone who is approachable, and I’m not closed off. I’m understanding and I enjoy getting to know people.”

Who do you think has the best chance of winning?

“Libo. The way in which he carries himself in the House has me convinced that he’ll take the prize. He has his mind set on winning… he really wants to win.”

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